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Brexit and Trade

  • The UK is now a stand alone trading nation of 66 million people with 7 million (10% of the population) concentrated in just one city - London.
  • Political governance from London is a big issue for the regions, but an even bigger issue for industry that will not get its fare share of trade if the situation continues.
  • With modern communications, all nations easily out maneuver UK and its London centrist low quality London management.
  • Any simple nation with simple plan can now defeat all of UK that has no plan.
  • Big Data proves politicians are not the heroes of society.
  • Big Data also proves any politician taking ownership of poverty and equality was born a liar.
  • The world has changed, and politicians with their low quality rhetoric have not.
  • Big Data says our economies are driven by the Technological Singularity Curve, and that we are now at the knee of the curve as it turns from linear to exponential.
  • Up to this point in history, we were on the linear portions of the curve where politicians and their economists project their spending plans and prove they were 'right' even though it had nothing to do with them.
  • Now we are switching to the exponential portion of the curve where the rate of change of all economies around the globe will become exponential.
  • To make any kind of mistake with Industrial Strategy is to be left behind at a steep pace.
  • The purpose of articles here is to make whatever UK Industrial Strategy has in place optimal, and assist with the removal of politicians, government departments and policies harmful to UK keeping it out the exponential benefits of Technological Singularity.
  • The graph above summarizes all we know of the Technological Singularity Curve.
  • This same graph can be made from many different sources.
  • Take for example ball bearing production, or computing power, wire production, or magnet production etc.
  • Big Data says they all follow the same curve, and astonishingly become exponential around 2035.
  • Not even world wars had any effect on it.
  • It means politicians and their self centered politics are not the heroes of society.
  • It means politicians who takes ownership of poverty and fairness were born liars.
  • It is the geeks that gift us with technology and spread it around making us all equal.
  • Within 10 years, we will have Universal Basic Income, and it has nothing to do with political science.
  • UK should be planning to using VAT to fund UBI.
  • UK has to bring up its manufacturing starting with simple copy manufacturing.
    • This means UK needs to create vast amounts of rent free spaces to store huge amounts of copy production of common items that are ideally compact and has some value.
    • They are simple things like buttons to computer chips that have run out of patent.
    • These mass copy manufactured items are always in stock and ready to be purchased and used in production of new gadgets at low prices to get new products out the door.
  • UK has to relieve foreign ownership of critical infrastructure such as telecom.
    • All of fiber infrastructure is owned by US/EU media companies that eat ALL British revenue and hold out their hand for more for such items as 5G, SmartCity.
    • The fake media companies eat all revenue unlike real infrastructure companies that amortize and invest in future revenue.
    • The fake media companies have introduced through fake 'lobbying' of MPs the Unlit Fiber Tax to kill all British startups that install gbit fiber by taxing any spare capacity fibers that are unlit.
    • Lack of fiber infrastructure keeps costs at £100,000 per 10gbit line, while in Korea it is $200 per month.
    • It has killed all productivity in UK, and the politicians are out there claiming its our fault for low productivity, when its their fault for selling UK plc out in foreign servitude.
    • UK needs to ban all fake infrastructure companies from taking ownership of anything that amounts to infrastructure.
  • UK must abandon fake Climate Change trolling from no.2 economy the US, and formulate its own policies and go deep green.
    • Since US is just the no.2 economy, and 4% of global goods sales from shoes to mobile phones, we should go with no.1 economy China without fear of sanctions as US is just 4% economy.
    • Politicians selling inflated opinions of doing business with US, particularly its failed economy and leadership as exposed under Donald Trump. Nothing new in US elections can repair the damage.
    • The UK should buy huge quantities of solar panels for example, fit it on all roof tops. Small towns and villages should be able to create solar farms, and send power to the grid for the same fees as bigger players and get income for poor rural areas.
    • The UK needs to buy huge container sized batteries to store solar generated power and bury it at the end of every street.
Page last modified on October 17, 2021, at 02:40 PM