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Sharjah Tour

Hypercube Data Center & Hyper Car with UK government supported Catapult tour of Sharjah

  • We are a technology company focused on investing all our time, energy and funds to create products that scale with the Technological Singularity Curve.
  • Leaflet to print Hypercube_Sharjah_leaflet_summary.pdf
  • Contact Details: email
  • We are open source friendly Hypercube company. Hypercube is a new way to create electronic projects at great speed - from IoT devices to Hypercube 3D Wired Data Centers. Our projects are aimed at producing open source boards for IoT, Robotics (including drones and autonomous vehicles), Neural Nets, Three Dimensionally Wired Data Center, Hypercube based city scale security camera project, Digital Quantum Computer, Solar Harvesting, Lithium Battery Packs, and The Hyper Car project.
  • We offer training and cooperation to all from university students and researchers.
  • We wish to engage with everyone who may be interested in creating local infrastructure and roll out of Hypercube Data Centers and Hyper Car Project.
  • What we have is Hypercube technology to build 3 dimensional compact electronics projects and a way of writing software that allow integration of hundreds of Hypercube cards into one seamless system. The Hypercube cards range from sensors to embedded CPUs that runs at tens of MHz for embedded applications to GHz SoCs that run PC and server level applications.
  • What we need are teams of local engineers to research departments in Sharjah to develop a range of new products based on Hypercube and deploy in Sharjah
    • One product we have is the Hypercube Security Camera Application
    • It consists of Hypercube Linux servers capturing one picture per second and filing them to disk in an orderly so that any photo can be found within about 4 clicks from a web interface.
    • The system easily scales to a shopping complex with 3000 cameras. For all important security, it can find anyone anywhere in a shopping complex after a report is made within seconds providing security to all shoppers instantly. Numerous security personnel can log in at the same time and follow the events unfold and react far more quickly through their mobile phones to any PC or Internet terminal.
    • The same system can be rolled out to a hotel with say 300 cameras. Or it can be rolled out for border protection with 10,000 cameras, or the entire nation with hundreds of thousands of cameras.
    • These systems require Hypercube Servers to store pictures.
    • What we need are ambitious students to engineers and project managers who can take on these projects and roll them out across the states. There are no competitors for our systems. So we expect rapid deployment. From the students we expect daily uploads of their current work and cooperate internationally with all workers located across the globe.
    • To the students and R&D departments we ask what can you do to add AI to the Linux servers and increase security by recognizing individuals from photos and alerting responsible people in a timely way?
    • To the student we also ask how will you monitor crowds in shopping areas using AI and the real time photos such that the crowds are spending enough time in all shops. If they are not spending time, how do we measure it and copy the better shops and layout to other shops so that more people spend time there?
    • We provide all tuition through web. When it doubt, we will teach you every detail of how to build Hypercubes and servers so that your journey into Hypercube is flawless and the execution of projects graceful. Our philosophy is no more hunting for information when it can be placed all in one place in our training wiki with guidance and notes to complete projects with 100% certainty if the effort is made.
  • We are also positioning ourselves to be fabless chip company.
  • As a fabless chip company we intend to develop 2 world class products.
  • The first of the chip level product is a Digital Quantum Computer.
  • It requires FPGA trained engineers to make the prototypes and then make a real chip by engaging with chip makers.
  • Further testing and refinements with work for many engineers to make Digital Quantum Computer CPUs, memory chips and peripheral chips sets.
  • Also required are software developers to write programming language for the Digital Quantum CPU. We have the syntax. We have simulations running. We now need a real compiler.
  • The second chip level product is the T6 Cache.
  • This cache chip requires less than 6 transistors average per bit of cache RAM.
  • This is an impossibly low number compared to state of the art and alters the balance of power in microprocessor design.
  • Because, whereas previously cache is very expensive to fabricate, now it is possible to trade RAM (also requires 6 transistors per bit) with cache and make CPUs with big cache and catch all Intel CPUs that currently enjoy the biggest market share.
  • What we need are electronics engineers to make prototypes and chip designers to make the cache as IP which we then sell on to CPU makers to mobile processor makers to add low silicon area, low power cache to their microprocessors.
  • We are creating value developing Hypercube Boards as open source boards for IoT projects.
  • We are also developing complex final products using Hypercube boards.
  • One of the products we are building is a Hyper Car. This a car that has wheels that float on a frictionless magnetic field. Its potential is smooth ride. A higher potential is to drive the Hyper Car in an evacuated tunnel, a Hyper Tunnel, and travel at several thousand miles per hour. Hyperloop is the next transport revolution. We can make the Hyper Car and then the Hyper Tunnels and place Sharjah ahead of the Hyperloop revolution because the tunnels have no magnets or coils. They are empty tubes making it cheaper than any other solution.
  • Finally, we are also developing micro 3 Dimensional wired Hypercube Data Centers as private local cloud. They are every bit as powerful as big Data Centers, but they allow customers to keep Big Data as their own.
  • We have staff ready to take up permanent residence and supervise operation in Sharjah with the right investment.


  • Our face to face meeting with University of Sharjah Director General Khalid Bin Butti Al Hajri
  • We spoke of installing Hypercube Server somewhere as a trial in the University. We will produce training for students for them to build from ground up the Hypercube server so they are full data center engineers when they graduate.
  • We need Hypercube Data Center to log data from IoT boards and devices that we will be making selling. The data can then be processed to create meaning by small to medium size companies that know how to answer questions to civic authorities from the data. Hypercube servers are one tenth of the energy and needed for our open sourced boards as traditional servers and can do more than 90% of the job of big data center. We want governments and local authorities to open source ALL their IoT data (barring sensitive data) for Smart Cities which we will store for one tenth the cost so that small and medium enterprises can run their software to create value with that data. (Our idea of Open Sourcing by default all Smart City IoT data frees Government and local authorities from having to spend time with experts agonizing over what is important data.) For example, IoT devices will send out information such as where all tourists go along with weather data, traffic data etc across the Smart City which Hypercube Servers will log. It would then be very easy for a small business to use our servers to answer simple questions to civic authorities running Smart City such as plot the number of tourists in an area per day to decide how much extra resources are needed in that areas to increase the number of tourists.
  • We touched on Hyper Car. We had in our hand to show a 3D printed piece of the motor that has no axle. It was mentioned that Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park (SRTI Park) will host a Hyperloop project soon. It would be great if academic funding could be found to add Hyper Car and Hyper Tunnel projects with local engineering students in parallel with Hyperloop developments. We will be providing training and guidance to create local engineers with strong skills to complement Hyperloop developments.
  • This is SRTI Park now, with construction work beginning and cabin style offices and car parking is being installed.
  • This is likely where we are sited until the main buildings go up
  • The SRTI Park will probably become the world's biggest R&D center with area 20 sqkm, a Hyperloop and some 47,000 university students on hand in nearby universities.
  • (In separate project discussion, we inform Hussein Hussain Al Mahmoudi CEO of Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation (SRTI) Park we need Internet of Fiber built into the research park for everything from 5G to Hypercube Data Center.)
  • Though we had no time to discuss other topics during 15 minute slot, we would also like for universities to take up the Digital Quantum Computer and T6 Cache projects.
  • The Digital Quantum Computer now has a language that needs compiler to be written also.
  • These are world class highly academic projects.
  • With the right NDAs in place, we are willing to discuss detailed technology and implementation plans with strong academics in 4 hour sessions to cover all details to get heads of departments their academic funding.
  • With good funding we will train up the best engineers from local talent in these fields to work on FPGA and design chips.


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Projects and Proposals

  • Additional project offered to SRTI Park - Robot Walker.
  • Contact Details: email


  • We now have 1gbit symmetric fiber Internet to begin hosting services and servers

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