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Terms and Conditions


PCB Design - 3D Printed Parts Design - Laser Cut Panel Design

PCB Design

  • PCBs designed - up to 30 layer PCBs
  • Fixed Rate £60 per hour + VAT
  • Open sourced designs half price (Gerber + board file is private and yours to keep or release as you wish, we open source the rest including circuit diagram, schematic symbols, footprints, 3D models)
  • Designed in KiCAD

3D Printed Parts Design

  • Often simple boxes are enough to 3D print and demo a project.
  • We design 3D printable parts with a mixture of LibreCAD, OpenSCAD, FreeCAD
  • Fixed Rate £30 per hour + VAT
  • Open sourced designs half price - We release STL files. The design files we give to you to keep or release as you wish

Laser cut parts

  • Simplest and fastest ways to get custom boxes and jigs built
  • Fixed rate £20 per hour + VAT
  • Open source designs half price - we release the dxf files

Virus Scan & Preemptive Penetration Testing

  • Often whole departments infested - we scan and repair all PCs in one hit, over weekend if necessary
  • We do preemptive penetration testing before web sites and intranet sites go live
  • Fixed Rate £120 per hour + VAT (Minimum fee 1 full day).
  • As part of the service, we also clean out PCs from dust to add another 1 to 2 years life to the PC - £50 per PC (includes light cleaning of keyboards and monitors).

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