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PCB Design - 3D Printed Parts Design - Laser Cut Panel Design

Custom thread and mechanism design, product boxes, 3D parts design

  • Ideas send as hand drawn sketches of gearboxes, custom screws, threads, profiles, sheet metal design, product design and we convert it into finished 3D printed products
  • We take care of all the difficult engineering decisions and choices
  • We fill in the blanks of product design, and produce it in scripted and or parametric form to save time with design modifications
  • Send mail:

PCB Design

  • PCBs designed - up to 30 layer PCBs
  • Designed in KiCAD
  • Design consultancy for PCB circuit design
  • Batch production runs
  • Test jigs
  • Embedded ARM CPU software

3D Printed Parts Design

  • Often simple parts are enough to 3D print on an FDM printer and demo a project.
  • We design 3D printable parts with a mixture of LibreCAD, OpenSCAD, FreeCAD

Laser cut parts

  • Simplest and fastest ways to get custom boxes and jigs built
  • Open source designs half price - we release the dxf files

PC Maintenance, Virus Scan & Preemptive Penetration Testing Service

  • We offer protection for whole company in one hit
  • Often whole departments infested with network viruses and simple anti-virus will never solve it - we scan and repair all PCs in one hit, over a weekend if necessary
  • We do preemptive penetration testing before web sites and intranet sites go live
  • As part of PC maintenance service, we also clean PCs from dust with air hose to add another 1 to 2 years life to the PC

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