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Open Nano

Open Nano Engineering Projects

Open Nano Projects

  • Open Nano is a series of open sourced projects based around nano engineering.
  • Ever wondered how to make your own ink jet printer and what it entails?
  • Or make photo masks to make your own chip?
  • Over time, we aim to give you all of those capabilities and more by open sourcing the entire engineering endeavor at the nano scale.
  • You don't need big budgets if you learn how to make and put together small versions of the devices and collectively open source the entire infrastructure on a small scale.
  • Some of the targets include micro versions of EDM machines, EDM drills, lapping machines, lens polishing machines, actuators, CNC machines, and many more
  • The biggest machine you might build will be 200mm.
  • We really want to keep everything below 100mm.
  • 3D printer and possibly a laser cutter is recommended for making the gadgets.
  • Please note these machines are good for hobby - and highly unlikely suitable for production engineering, although it might be starting point :)

Lapping Machines

  • We start with lapping machine and some variants first.
  • Lapping machines can grind a surface flat to mirror finish for extreme accuracy
  • We can buy diamond paste for a few dollars and use it to get a mirror finish
  • These mirror finish items are highly valuable for producing extremely accurate engineered machines.
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