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Hypercube Training

Training material for using Hypercubes efficiently

  • Hypercube boards are PCBs just like any other PCB.
  • The Hypercube PCB projects can be used on their own just like any other PCB.
  • The difference with using Hypercube PCB format is that the PCBs can be soldered at the corner to assemble into a cube.
  • 12 PCBs are needed to make the complete Hypercube.
  • To be more flexible, the Hypercube can be assembled by screwing boards with PCB spacers to an inner cube supporting frame.
  • The important feature of the Hypercube is that when it is assembled, it has non-intersecting orthogonal holes that allow 3D stacking of the PCB to make extremely complex 3D wired projects.
  • Other ways of stacking Hypercube boards is by arranging it in onion layers using nothing more than PCB stand off.
  • Each layer adds 12 extra PCBs to the project. A 4 layer Hypercube results in 12 x 4 = 48 project boards.
  • Each Hypercube adds 12 PCBs to a project. A 2x2 cubic array of boards results in 12 x 2x2 = 48 project boards. Each board can be different which allows for exceptionally complex machines to be built into a compact space. A 4x4 cubic array for example has 192 PCBs.
  • The Hypercube outer dimension is an integer multiple of 2 specified in millimeters. So 128mm boards, and 64mm boards are example sizes.
  • With high board count, the software that comes with each board and peripheral is fully multi-tasking capable and open sourced.
  • The Hypercube boards are also open source and each comes with its own KiCAD diagram.
  • When you buy a Hypercube board, you get the hardware, circuit diagram and software so that you can join it together into large Hypercube system and make it work is less time than other competing systems.
  • You are free to remix the circuit diagrams and make new creations and go into production in fastest possible time with who ever you choose.
  • You can choose us for volume production. We layout your boards and source all the components to drop ship assembled gadgets.
  • See Hypercube Geometry for more information about its geometric advantages.
  • More to follow...
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