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Technological Singularity

  • The Technological Singularity is coming and with it big changes as to what is possible with technology. One of the biggest change is going to be brought in with AI and Automation and making all products and a lot of services cheap. It does not have to throw people out of the consumption loop if we give everyone Universal Basic Income from sales tax which we already pay (20% of price of goods in UK is the sales tax or GST known and VAT). This is more than enough if we choose to spend it carefully and ban it from being spent on other political projects.
  • Another big change coming is the presence of robots with humans. Whether they are drones delivering goods or automated vehicles driving themselves through the street and delivering goods, procurement and consumption would become a lot easier.
  • There will be a lot of IoT products coming on the market measuring everything in the house and uploading it to the cloud for analysis. If used properly it will lower costs everywhere for everything. For example a Fridge can keep itself full by scheduling orders to passing drones that may already be carrying products to someone else. Electricity and air conditioning can be turned on and off only when we are in specific rooms.
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