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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 means there is much more of a deep connection between manufacturing and automation through software and networking.

This deep connection links online ordering direct to production. Everything else like 5G in Industry 4.0 is the glue that holds it all together.

Chief of all the glue is cloud computing, IoT and AI + Automation software.

Wikipedia has some more articles -

A key component of 5G is symmetric gigabit fiber Internet. Without it, all of Industry 4.0, 5G and IoT will grind to a halt. 5G modems have range limitations because of oxygen absorption of high frequency GHz signals. So the modems needs to be placed mostly into lamp posts 300 meters apart, close to the user and wired back to the exchange with fiber optic cables, with each capable of 10Gbits operation or more to get the work done. It actually means we need to roll out Internet of Fiber era first and move everyone to Fiber to get the benefits of 5G. Doing it in reverse guarantees lost opportunities and rise of botched solutions (such as installing towers 500m apart instead of 300m) that then requires increasing amounts of duct tape and high costs to repair for each and every mistake.

  • AI needs to connect and know all IoT devices to understand everything it must do and do it right with Industry 4.0, and it will achieve this when we move into Internet of Fiber Age.
  • It is the way for AI to reach and glue all technologies into one.
  • Imagine your work place AI discovers you are staying late, it then contacts your home AI computer to tell it to put a hold on the house heating.
  • As soon as you are about to leave, the building AI informs your car to come around to the front of the office. As you climb in to your car and dictate your destination, the car informs your house when it is expecting to arrive after checking with the municipal AI about road conditions. AI can watch over us.
  • This is the age when all things become glued with AI into one machine with lots of moving parts that caters for individual human needs in a seamless existence.
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