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Hypercube Geometry

  • Do you see all 12 PCBs in the translucent diagram above? :)
  • Note a complete mirror image assembly is also possible by flipping each board to its reverse side. Take care when assembling boards to use the above configuration.
  • This diagram shows the 3 pairs of orthogonal conduits used for wiring a Hypercube in 3D
  • The Hypercube can be assembled by soldering the corners of PCB to save costs.
  • A better way is to assemble the Hypercube to an inner cube made of PCB or acrylic
  • The internal cube can instead be another onion layer of Hypercubes. Many such layers can be packed together depending on space constraints, wiring constraints and thermal constraints.
  • The diagrams can look complex, in practice it is easy and very compulsive assembling Hypercube boards :)
  • More information here about lever cam mechanism for locking the spacers
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