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Investor Relations

  • We are a UK organization with main investor Dilead with whom we have a number agreements and a road map.
  • Dilead invests in fast product innovators.
  • Our main R&D direction is developing Hypercube market for hardware and software in areas of hobby electronics, education and industrial strength electronics prototyping market.
  • Our tech and software libraries which we use internally is already many times faster than any competing technology.
  • A third of our R&D is in AI and Automation made possible through Hypercubes.
  • Another third of our work is in robotics powered by AI facilitated by Hypercubes.
  • Our commercial focus is on Industry 4.0 production. Our future plans include becoming a fabless semiconductor company making our CPUs to support Industry 4.0.
  • We are in the growth hacking stage measuring markets and creating the infrastructure for long term growth.
  • We invest all time, energy, planning and resources to stick to activity related to the Technological Singularity Curve.
  • The cost to duplicate our know how, software and details of design immense and that is how we begin to value ourselves.
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