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Investor Relations

  • We are a UK registered company with main investor Dilead with whom we have a number agreements and a road map.
  • Dilead invests in fast product innovators.
  • Our main R&D direction is developing Hypercube market for hardware and software in areas of hobby electronics, education and industrial strength electronics prototyping market.
  • Our tech and software libraries which we use internally is already many times faster than any competing technology.
  • A third of our R&D is in AI and Automation made possible through Hypercubes.
  • Another third of our work is in robotics powered by AI facilitated by Hypercubes.
  • Our commercial focus is on Industry 4.0 production. Our future plans include becoming a fabless semiconductor company making our CPUs to support Industry 4.0.
  • We are in the growth hacking stage measuring markets and creating the infrastructure for long term growth.
  • We invest all time, energy, planning and resources to stick to activity related to the Technological Singularity Curve

Private 10% Share Sale of Company

  • The present investors have decided that they can sell 10% of this company to add more staff, scale, and increase shareholder value. The fee is set at £20 million for May 2018 and increases by £1 million per month.
  • There is no direct engagement with this sale. If you are interested you will get your board to follow us on Twitter and based on your shared enthusiasm, when you decide to invest, write a letter no more than one A4 sheet with a formal request to purchase shares and in brief explain your joint expectations from having purchased our shares.
  • If your application is approved by Dilead management, the due amount is paid into Hong Kong bank account owned by the China based Dilead investor company and paid in US dollars at the prevailing exchange rate on the day including any banking fees.
  • Each year we will set aside 10% of operating profit for purchasing our stocks back at 2x selling price if our shares have not already started trading publicly.
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