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The original GPLExtek Hypercube (TM) offers a new way to solve old wiring problems for developing 3D wired computers and electronics projects.

It is primarily a productivity enhancement tool for electronics and software developers making new products.

What we do here is develop Hypercubes boards and software for the mass market and keep it as open source as possible for everyone to share in its benefits.

We work with Dilead the lead investor with high volume production factory in Guangzhou with product design engineers, R&D, and 60,000 sqft contract electronics manufacturing. Through Dilead, we have expertise in custom PCB and product contract manufacturing. Dilead make a range of LED lamps and have equipment for customized filament LED lamp production. Dilead makes custom mains related testing equipment such as voltage indicators and PAT testers on contract. The engineers are equipped with 3D printers, 3D design software and PCB design software. The lab has test equipment and skilled engineers for trouble shooting customer board designs. The engineers build custom ATE for high volume production testing. With Guangzhou a major manufacturing city next to Shenzhen in the Dongguan area it is the ideal place to get custom transformers / inductors made for high power electric vehicle chargers. It is also a good place to procure chips such as embedded ARM chips for product manufacturing such as hand held controllers. Dilead also works with ARM SoC based products such as Orange Pi, Raspberry Pi etc for customers. Dilead has laser cut manufacturing. Dilead has expertise in IC bonding for very high volume production.

Providing your product has a good MOQ, we can design and make it for you with regular face to face meetings in London office as well as wiki based update of project in real time.

China Dilead Production News

  • Please be aware orders that are new and need to arrive by Christmas should to be placed by June
  • Products that have been made previously can be placed at least 3 months ahead of delivery date but closer to Christmas and New Year more time should be allowed to prevent clashes.
  • There have been steep price rises for SMD passive components last 6 months down to factories running out of stock and demand outstripping supply. Place orders early to secure supplies. The fix for this problem is to build new factories - but that takes time!
  • DRAM prices have gone off the scale (quadrupling in price) because production cannot meet demand and the transition to DDR4. China is investing billions in new chip factories but these will take years to come on stream. For high volume purchase of DRAM, you should discuss it with the manufacturers directly.
  • Communications:

We Sell Fiber Laser Cutting Machines | £34,999 - 500W | £49,999 - 1kW | £64,999 for 1kW + Tube Cutter, (+ VAT)

Fiber Laser

Fiber laser cutting machines are directly shipped from China with Dilead managing China operations after site survey.
The machine is assembled by expert engineers at your premises where full training is given.
Average life 100,000 hours. Typical efficiency greater than 11% which is better than CO2 lasers and improving all the time.
Approximate cutting thickness rule 1mm/100W for Carbon Steel, 0.5mm/100W for stainless steel and titanium.
Cuts Aluminium and Copper (0.3mm / 100W, 0.2mm / 100w respectively - with increased laser light reflection damage risk to consumables).
( More information on our £34,999 Fiber Laser cutting machines... )

* Enquiries:

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