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3D Printed Cases and Laser Cut Front Panels

All boxes and laser cut front panels core designs to be open sourced some time soon

  • Project boxes can be customized and tiled as needed
  • The laser cut lid fits perfectly around the box (on the right).
  • The laser cut lids can be customized to each board as needed adding holes for cables, connectors, POTs, control knobs, LEDs and so on
  • The boxes tile well.
  • The boxes can be joined - just drill holes for M3 bolt between the walls, line them up and bolt down to make larger and larger cases in 2D tiled arrays
  • The laser cut lids can be custom cut to cover more than one box
  • The design of the box and PCB is such that both can be screwed to individual flat lids or a large laser cut lid that holds several boxes.
  • The laser cut panels can also hold cooling fans. The 100A H-bridge board (bottom left) for example require cooling fan on acrylic cover to vent heat whenever the H-bridges get too hot
  • This picture shows how the boxes tile vertically
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