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Technological Singularity

AI Currency

What if we could one day hand all our money matters to AI?

  • The process oddly starts by letting AI read every known social blog and let it define what it is that connects us as being human with money.
  • There an awesome number of artists and open source bloggers that constantly output a stream of useful things with the arrival of Internet
  • They don't seek payment, but we all use their shared knowledge to make ourselves better and we offer to like their posts, offer supportive comments and share it with others to make it become viral.
  • There is no money changing hands but there is clearly value in that person that the AI could recognize by inspecting the comments and number of people sharing.
  • Without their input, the world would become a darker place.
  • To allow AI to read all the blogs out there, the information contained within needs to be put into easy to interchange format and laws devised to allow platforms to share the data without needing users to give express permissions for each activity.
  • The purpose of the AI is to search for your soul and come up with a value for the contributions you make to society.
  • It will also connect with all the devices you use and all the things you buy and the people you meet to get this assessment.
  • Don't worry - this kind of benevolent AI is not there to snitch on your personal life or hold against you anything that you may have done in the past.
  • Its purpose is to figure out what you could be doing in the next hour that is interesting to you and to society as a whole.
  • It will have enough computational resources to re-evaluate this question every few minutes based on what everyone else is also doing
  • It could for example recommend you go to a meeting taking place 2 blocks away to meet with people doing the complementary things to you.
  • You don't have to take the suggestion, and if you did go, it is optional on you and others to send feedback to AI to make itself better for the next time.
  • Each suggestion is ranked with a score. And it is possible that while you are on one mission, another higher ranking task is suggest to you.
  • These suggestions could also come with monetary benefit - so you may be a plumber and AI decides you are best placed person to repair it at that moment in time based on whatever tools you may be carrying, your proximity, your training and your need for monetary compensation and a most likely success outcome based on previous knowledge.
  • Again you attend if you choose, and each party has option to put in feedback to make the AI work better.
  • Notice we gone from AI reading blogs to having made a general purpose Uber or Airnb like service that connects users and resources together using what we chose to call as a next generation social media company infused with AI.
  • We also gone into matters financial and started using the AI to manage some of our income matters.
  • This is not accidental. As the power of benevolent AI increases, the benefits it brings to us each personally will outdo everything we ever dreamed of.
  • Like suggestions on social media sites that enriches your experience of a portal, benevolent AI will move to increase your personal wealth by setting up meetings, collaborations, appointments and everything else money related that increases your overall wealth whilst evaluating every new option every few minutes and whilst lifting up everyone with you.
  • Slowly but surely what is happening is that AI is evolving to run our finances with the rise of the new social media companies and evolve to managing currency systems.
  • We could go that one step further and use AI to model all the currency in the country and globally for even greater benefit.

AI Based Currency and Cash Flow Modeling

  • The Technological Singularity will arrive by around 2035 and all its benefits such as UBI, and technologies such as AI + Automation, will arrive with it somewhere in the world no matter who tries to oppose it.
  • Based on these assumptions about a future world, we can model it with all currencies across the globe and cash flow.
  • We use AI to model out the finer details such as local wars, natural disasters, and political turmoil to see how much harm it brings and to whom and thus what needs to be done to mitigate it.
  • AI will lead from the front with the modeling by sketching out the scenarios, tuning it with different perturbations and then report on the best course of action.
  • When the globe is modeled this way, there is bound to be bias to try and convey advantages to one group of people over another and the justifications will be as old as religion and politics.
  • Instead we need to move to a model the world where all people are treated equal including those who feel the need to be more equal than others and put in challenges to take society to next level.
  • We don't need to be vague about 'next level'.
  • We fund the setting up of online voting systems for all and let the people decide what is next level and achievable over 1 year, 2 years, 3 years and so on.
  • With this method, the agenda for tomorrow is not set by media companies or Poltical Ad Agencies as they are now know as, or by politicians, or anyone of position and power. It is set by the crowd voting up priorities.
  • So if a suggestion was made that we should switch 5% cars to electric, and everyone keeps voting up the issue, AI can step in with quotations and estimates and the total budgets available to show the whole crowd how this might pan out.
  • In a very short step, we moved away from political debate to benevolent AI as the chairman of the crowd helping people debate out their desires.
  • This is not a future vision the politicians will want to participate in.
  • More than likely it will undo whole empires built of power and privilege based on current political theories about governance and subjugation.
  • By magic, traditional politicians will turn to the new media or "Political Ad Agencies" as they are now referred to, to beam message to gullible voters hoping to steer voters their way.
  • The fatal flaw here is that what the politician will sell is just ad hoc randomly imagined benefits while its competitor driven by AI and online voting and debate has involved a lot more people and has found a better solution with a lot more eyes sifting through a broad spectrum of issues that a lone politician or politically motivated group is unable to match because they chose not to engage in the debate at the time it was being conducted.
  • The pressure to participate and get things right will be overwhelming while the pressure to block these kinds of systems from taking off will just allow it be set up elsewhere instead of your own country and thus the benefits delivered to other countries, while your own country doesn't receive any benefits, and ultimately will be forced to copy the same system having lost time and benefits in the process.
  • If we can model currencies and cash flow down to individual levels, we will also be able to see how people are losing their money. It could be drug addiction, it could be exorbitant rents, it could be unfair hiring practices. Then we can tweak the models to see what can repair it. Ultimately, we will also model in taking VAT or sales tax and using that for UBI.
  • Imaging how this system might work in a fair way with the help of benevolent AI to roll out UBI.
  • AI can model the fact that you are say a graduate working in a cafe with unfair hiring practices because there is no other job available. The AI could read your blogs and contributions to society and it could decide to give just you the benefit of the doubt and give you a form of UBI where you do not need to work. AI hunts for key words, likes, and other marks you are collecting to sift out fake contributions from good contributions. The expectation of giving you UBI is that you would do whatever AI thinks is beneficial. This may mean you engage more by buying goods and making prototypes which others enjoy reading and commenting on. You make the world a more pleasant place by not being forced to serve tea, and instead start making gadgets and blogging about it.
  • We are only at the cusp of being able to do this at the moment. But capabilities are doubling every year and halving in cost. By 2035, all the benefits would be here. We cannot ignore this future. Social media companies can create this future outside of any political system. Startup social media AI companies that are worth trillions in the future can begin to make these kinds of full on AI engagement systems as described today. The winners will be companies that make these systems happen and better things such as evaluate its decisions every day to make things even better such as creating social gatherings where people of like mindedness are invited, mix and generate new opportunities for each other in ways that can be measured to keep on scaling up each person's achievements.
  • One way to see how this might work - imagine a new social media start up funded by $120 billion by investors who then go on to hire 1 million people for 10 years and give them UBI at $1000 per month. The profit motive lets say is that they set up an online retail outlet that allows the 1 million people to sell the products of their imagination through that portal. Whether its the latest in fashion, or just buying from the store from others, a commerce system is generated. Any profits generated is used to pay back the $12 billion first and anything else (less 10% dividends to shareholders) is re-invested in giving out more UBI to more people. A profit of $120,000 per person is collected before a new person is enrolled for 10 years. If the system seems to be working well, governments will move to invest giving more opportunities for more people without they themselves having to get involved in the micro management of these systems. Governments can slowly allow itself to demonetize such as allow the company to keep the VAT (sales tax) and allow their AI system to redistribute VAT as UBI without government involvement in micro managing the details.
  • The future is not fixed. The Technological Singularity Curve shows the future is not determined by religious, military, politicians, kings, nobles, the rich, the powerful or the media etc because it hardly flinched when WWI and WWII was raging which means the rest of the world run by progressive techies just carried on as normal. The politicians, king etc were never the world's heroes. It is the humble geek that is the true hero of this world we live in, and who delivered on all of the riches that we enjoy today. Today there are billions of mobile phones, and placing it in the hands of a person in deepest darkest Africa allows that person to be as powerful and connected as any President of any country 20 years ago. This rate of technology empowerment is accelerating doubling in capability and halving in costs every year to 18 months. We need to absorb this detail and push for a better future based on technological advances that are possible. But most of all, we need to understand who our real heroes are and if we know our true heroes, we should ask them to provide us with best future. The AI would be far more accountable and fair because it has the resources to evaluate every eventuality unlike a small group of people who take on the office of government but who won't have the resources to micro manage every person through every detail and offer to make guarantees to make it better for them.

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