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Crowd Governance Through Internet

Crowd based Governance through Internet will change the way government works forever

  • The purpose of Crowd Governance through Internet is to govern down to 1 to 10 ratio of decision makers to voters.
  • Such level of detail is beyond most systems but we need it.
  • Society has turned exponential as of 2020 and all Left and Right fail with money piled up in banks unused.
  • Rulers of Left and Right can split a country 49% to 51% leaving 49% of the population discontent because they have no access to decision makers.
  • Access to decision making is more important than dividing a country and ruling it with 51% and its whims.
  • When governing down to ratio of 1:10 with access to decision makers, ideology of Left and Right get washed away while everyone gets access to decision makers.
  • In some communist states, this level of access to decision makers runs at about 1 to 20 or better which is why they fare economically better and evolve faster.
  • The poverty of a country can be measured by ratio of people versus access to decision makers as well as ratio of mean to average wealth.
  • The larger these ratios, the poorer the representation, and the more people that are cut off from getting their local issues serviced.
  • Before 2020, this issue did not matter much as all economies evolve linearly as per Technological Singularity Curve measurements.
  • After 2020, society became exponential and everything changed.
  • Anything that takes representation hostage with a minority ruling over huge numbers of the majority with low representation leads to exponential disaster.
  • It won't matter what high ratio supporters say, their flock will become exponentially poorer while societies with 1:10 ratio outstrip them exponentially DAILY.
  • The most remarkable thing about the Technological Singularity Curve is that it does not change due to WWI and WWII.
  • We urgently need to re-calibrate our thought processes to absorb this detail.
  • What it means is that wars are not important except for those who conduct them.
  • The rest of the world ignores them and succeed.
  • Kings, Queens, military, politicians, the rich, the media, the powerful all leave NO FINGERPRINTS in history.
  • That must be hugely embarrassing to those in power and to historians. But it is fact so says BIG DATA.
  • Techies cannot let politicians of high ratio representation drag their countries down.
  • So techies need to roll out cheap crowd governance tools and take them everywhere until society itself changes.
  • Those that leave fingerprints in society are the geeks that empower us every day and lifts us up every day.
  • Putting a mobile phone in the hands of a villager in deepest darkest Africa technologically empowers that person to be as powerful as any president 20 years ago.
  • Its is the geeks that make this equality happen not politicians.
  • And soon the geeks will gift us with Universal Basic Income (UBI).
  • As we become more equal, our collective basic individual demands become louder, and overall less easy to accommodate with just one political system with one political view point.
  • What this will do is lead to ever more smaller political parties all trying to take control of a county to rule a whole country with a minority ideology that the majority does not support.
  • We are already seeing this across the globe. This cannot and will not go on forever.
  • The only way out of this problem is to move us into Crowd Governance for which the core technologies such as web, Internet, wiki, etc exist.
  • Eventually Crowd Governance through Internet will replace all forms of government.
  • All Left and Right will fail. It will all be just washed away.
  • In the chaos, what everyone needs is guidance.
  • We don't need microphone warriors or keyboard warriors to dictate terms or amplify their fake concerns through high representation ratio controls.
  • The setting up of infrastructure for Crowd Governance, its leadership, and guidance does not require elections and referendums.
  • It can just happen as more people use it across their lives.

Crowd Checked Online Voting System Free of Cheating

  • It is very easy to implement a voting system where everyone can vote and crowd check the results to ensure no one has cheated.
  • There are many variants of scheme below that can get implemented with free software:
  • A computer generates two MD5 numbers per person - a public number and a private number.
  • The time stamp is generated for each person as they get added to this particular election list, so it is unique timestamp for every persona and every election.
  • The MD5 uses sequences of letters from title of election and list of participants as the private key and a different selection of letters for public key.
  • The public MD5 is associated with a person and their address time stamp and public key. Similarly for private MD5.
  • The public MD5 list is not published when election begins - but only after election finishes.
  • To prevent lists from being altered, the list of private numbers are printed in numerical order along with an MD5 checksum of the numbers that will be called the election number.
  • This is printed immediately after election registration closes to reduce chances of cheating.
  • The list of private MD5 numbers are printed in numerical order with its checksum and a list of participants in the election in address order - so that private MD5 can't be matched to person.
  • As the list is public, if there are fake people and addresses in there, neighbours can flag it.
  • The private MD5, public MD5 and election MD5 number is put onto a ticket and sent to the person to allow them to vote.
  • Everyone votes. This could be paper based, or online. If online, the voter uses the public number only and declares which way it votes.
  • After voting finishes, the computer publishes publicly a list of all voter public numbers and beside each number how that person voted (or not) and MD5 of the entire list
  • Each person now checks their public number online and which way it voted to ensure it aligns with their own vote.
  • This crowd checking of election result is more powerful than anything before it and a complete game changer.
  • The tally of votes is now very accurate reflection of the crowd's will.
  • The tally can be checked by computer and crowd checked by anyone who downloads the list.
  • If the vote has been tampered, the voters selects his/her private number, types in the public number and then contest the vote online.
  • No one else can do this online in a reasonably efficient way because they don't know the private number and its association with a public number in order to be able to contest a vote online.
  • There will be always attempts at cheating - for example stealing the private number whilst knowing who it belongs to cast a false vote.
  • These lists can be stored separated in physically widely separated servers for checking and reduce chances of cheating.
  • If cheating does occur the election can be held again.
  • Governments can always cheat by ordering the systems to be crippled, or make changes that allows minority to cheat, and prohibit communication of this fact through their laws.
  • Over time, regulations will need to get passed that prevents minorities in power from passing laws to cheat.
  • A Crowd Governance tool could pass the rules and regulations that will eventually outlaw tampering by minorities.

Left Right Failure with Money

  • If private ownership doesn't work, the function of public ownership, government and governance is to maximize wages without passing costs on as an unjust cost to consumers.
  • In a perfectly functioning exponential economy, every single manufactured item and/or technology delivered item decrease in price by 50% in 18 months.
  • So what of the charges?
  • Big Data knows Left and Right has failed with money piled up in banks unused.
  • Right means extracting money with high prices, and piling it high in banks unused.
  • Left means printing money and piling it high in banks unused.
  • Apple and US government in 2021 are examples of money piled high and unusable.
  • Unable to spending billions on next generation mobile phones, or printing trillions and not able to buy anything new because of inflation gets worse in exponential economy.
  • Piling high now means piling Trillions of dollars worth in banks UNUSED, and it is a problem in West and East.
  • Bitcoin is also a failure as it allows first comers to hoard hoping later users make hoarders rich.
  • We need something similar to bitcoin that is controlled like mining and easy to print like money.
  • Self minted coins are the answer.
  • NOTE - New kinds of money will never work without Crowd Governance to limit minorities in power manipulating the majority.
  • In a nutshell, with a self minted coin, as soon as a user registers into an exchange with verified ID, they can buy coins to start trading
  • Users can exchange cash for coins at the going exchange rate, and hope to spend it in places that accept self minted coins.
  • One month later, more coins are issued to that person according to the profile of the Technological Singularity Curve.
  • If the Technological Singularity curve is rising steeply, then more free coins are issued than if the curve is rising slowly.
  • The amount is bounded by the shape of the Technological Singularity Curve.
  • The shape can be measured by plotting industrial activity such as how many ball bearings are made, CPU chips, cars are built etc.
  • Those production numbers are all plotted on a curve against time, and averaged across many products, then Technological Singularity Curve emerges from that BIG DATA curve.
  • The shape of that curve and its trajectory has not changed since 1800's and will become completely exponential around 2035.
  • Up to year 2020, the curve is fairly linear, but after 2020, the curve turned exponential.
  • If the curve is exponential, then so is economic activity across the globe.
  • That is why the system can issue more coins every month knowing economic activity and wealth has increased to service more coins that have been issued free.
  • The coins are issued to holders of the coin - so if you are government, you get more coin, if you are a person with coins in the bank, you get coins.
  • There is a minimum number of coins issued to each person for having registered into the system which makes the system a form of Universal Basic Income.
  • If the system is started today, the UBI amount would be under $100 per year. But in 2030, this amount would be about $4000 per year per person at today's value.
  • There remainder is dispersed according to how much you have in the bank.
  • Like a bitcoin, each self minted coin is electronic data with MD5 sum of its owner, the total number in circulation, date of minting and helpful accounting information.
  • Having the owner ID allows coins to be sold at a higher price if you choose to auction some of them at a higher price.
  • If you become famous for some good deed, then your coin is worth more and you can auction it. If you lost your fame, it drops to its normal trading value.
  • Taxation and transaction fees would be automatic and deducted. So governments would love it.
  • There will be no need to print paper money and fool everyone into doing free work for less money.
  • Crowd Governance would be there to prevent misuse of money by government minorities in power because money and personal IDs are now electronic and cannot be allowed to be tampered with.
  • Having the total amount in circulation at time of minting allows users to know if there is cheating going on at time a coin is minted.
  • If there is over minting, then those coins minted outside of the Technological Singularity Curve limits would value those coins at a lower value.
  • No more over printing of money anywhere around the globe.
  • The system makes money for the exchanges, governments and low transaction fees using low energy for transactions across the globe.
  • Governments would need to be regulated to not pass any laws with taxation and accounting practices outside of computer code implemented in the exchanges.
  • This helps them and helps everyone using the system to avoid filling in paperwork.
  • The world will never care if a country switched to self minted coin or not.
  • The world will never care if leaders hoarding money become microphone warriors or keyboard warriors amplifying electronic money hate and cashless hate.
  • Exponential economies that roll it out safely, like safe cashless societies and CBDC in Far East, however pull away faster than economies whose leaders choose to punish their flock with outdated money ideas.

How to deal with money piled up in banks unused

  • Money piles up in banks unused when there is no one to count it or spend it or use it for an arbitrary period of 1 year.
  • The period can be 6 months or shorter - no one is suited to say. So a figure of 1 year is used.
  • After 1 year, if a pile of money is unused, it is split into small, medium and large portions.
  • If it was a 100 million dollars lets say, then its split into a million $10 units, 100,000 units of $100, 10,000 units of $1000, 1000 units of $10,000, 100 units of $100,000 and 30 units of $1m and 2 units of $10m (noting the splits are arbitrary).
  • Any number of people can log on to a system and ask for any of the units and describe their project.
  • The requester doesn't know who's funds they are asking.
  • Likewise the owner of the funds will see the request and choose to reject any number of requests giving a precise reason for a third party to verify.
  • But the owner must do that for every item of fund separately and will choose not to contest the smaller amounts if he or she has no time to address all the remaining requests.
  • Requester of the funds will never see the money physically - it is paid to the beneficiary. So a purchase of $9,000 machine from a $10,000 chunk will go directly to the factory that is selling the product, the remainder $1000 will go back into the pool, and the requester will see the machine delivered to his premises.
  • All kinds of checks and balances needed.
  • Requester may not for example book a holiday with it, or purchase guns and ammunition, or use it to pay someone else's parking ticket because those are highly personal items and people are expected to manage their own affairs.
  • Requester cannot also request unusual item such as 15th century wooden catapult replica if they are a shoe factory for example.
  • Requesters cannot use other people to fill in their forms and make out a case for a purchase. It must be through personal representation.
  • Same funds will get requested by multiple persons or entities. The funds will go to the ones that made good use of previous funds
  • Very little would be set aside to those that might seek to replace say an existing item with a newer model. They should be able to pay for something like that for themselves.
  • There would be no end of rules governing purchase, enforced by crowd governance on how it might get used, and disposal of existing items.
  • But the point is that money will not sit idle in banks unused for very long once these systems are rolled out.

National Prescriptive Policy Database

  • With Crowd Governance rolled out in full, there is danger of local laws overriding national laws and human rights in ways thought not possible.
  • To reduce conflict, a National Prescriptive Policy Database is brought into existence available to all.
  • This will contain all information that is politically set for all regions.
  • Sensitive topics such as regional aid amount to the right to bear children and how many will be set down to the last street by policy and identify who set that policy.
  • By leaving the information out in the open, it will not be possible to implement secret policies at any level without everyone knowing about it and changing it through Crowd Governance.
  • Every conceivable question is held in the prescriptive policy database.
  • For example how high can a building be built in your street?
  • Prescriptive policy may claim that it should be no higher than a local temple.
  • In different area 1 mile away, prescriptive policy may claim that building height should be no higher than 10 meters.
  • Who is correct and who decides these numbers?
  • Crowd governance does not care who set those limits and what those limits are and change the prescription by voting for change.
  • Access to this kind of information is usually through legal documents.
  • The legality of documents will be overridden by the National Prescriptive Policy Database at the local level where voting has been used to change the prescription.
  • The question and answers could be buried in deep legal language.
  • The National Prescriptive Policy Database aims to remove the depth of legal opinion by aiming to cover all possible of combination of questions in plain language of 1 sentence and replying in 1 sentence.
  • If the question is not answered, then law of diminishing returns is applied.
  • Only one single most relevant answer is supplied and caveats added as attachments in diminishing order of importance to the specific geographical area in question.
  • Crowd Governance can change or remove those caveats or change it if a prescription is not appropriate for local conditions.
  • The use of search engines to search in different ways to get the reply written in duplicated different formats is possible so long as the reply is referencing the same prescription.
  • Prescriptive answers cannot be circular or seek to answer a different question.
  • For example wanting to know maximum building height can't be answered by referring it to civil construction department of local authority as an answer.
  • Where questions need to be answered by government bodies or their agents, the answer must be given within hours and days where reasonable.
  • Their higher priority servitude is to the National Prescriptive Policy Database for the benefit of the crowd and not to their office and departments that serve narrow interests.

Self Regulation

  • There is routine voting on all big issues by big population such as national corporal punishment and decided by big numbers against such action lets say.
  • Locally it is tempting to overturn such a national law requiring say 100 million votes for it.
  • The correct way would be to hold local elections and if it is for corporal punishment, but comes into conflict with national votes cast against corporal punishment, then hold the election again and again.
  • Every time the issue wins against the national vote, in an uninterrupted sequential order, then lets say you hold local elections 1000 times and same people voted again and again to allow corporal punishment, this would surpass the national election count against it.
  • Eventually it would conflict in number of votes cast (even though it is same minority casting votes again and again).
  • When the threshold is passed, a national vote is retriggered and if the majority once again say no to corporal punishment, then the minority would have to do all that work again.
  • This is just one idea for method of self regulation.
  • Its there to prevent minorities taking the law into their own hands abusing the power of Crowd Governance at the local level passing unfair and dangerous local laws.

Failed Militarism

  • Militarism doesn't show up in Technological Singularity Curve in WW1 and WWII because the brutal truth is that 90%+ of society just carries on.
  • Militarism is amplified in media - but only 2% of population pay attention to what is in the media.
  • From about 2020, it takes about 3 days to prepare the narrative and push across the globe at a cost of $100 million PER DAY.
  • In the mean time, the truth is the Internet and Internet is instant making laughing stock out of failed narrative.
  • Destructive militarism failed from 2020.
  • It used to take a missile as lowest cost video game like option of destruction and may be 20 years to replace a damaged building.
  • Since 2020 takes 15 days to erect a 9 storey building.
  • Or hours to repair a critical infrastructure bridge.
  • The cost to replace a damaged 9 storey building is cheaper than billions in infrastructure needed to create a missile, train army, build command centres, supply chain logistics, and defend against retaliation from having used that missile.
  • Economies of scale favour construction over destruction.
  • Scaling destruction and missile delivery will never work after 2020. Despite scaling video game style delivery of addiction to destruction, it may never get used leading to huge waste of human resources at the expense of lower cost trade opportunities that went to waste at exponential loss of material & informatics wealth.

Colonial Borders

  • If militarism is not important, then so is colonialism.
  • Colonial world order will shatter if all nations provide 1 mile wide free right of passage ways for traffic for land locked countries along its border to sea.
  • Africa, South America, Asia, China, Russia will all benefit from massive uplift in trade.
  • The development of individual countries no longer tied to neighbours, and control of them through colonialism.

Currency Colonialism

  • If colonialism is not important, then neither is control of other countries through currency hegemony.
  • The world takes less than 1 year to move from a dominant currency such as dollar that is used to bring colonial countries to heel with threats of sanctions to prevent payment settlements for trade.
  • The transition moves at exponential speed as nations get wired up with fibre optics.
  • The more the countries are networked with an infinite variety of fibre optic internet, and fewer choke points, the less it can be controlled, and the less need for third party foreign currencies for trading with. Each country can have its own gold back or other natural resource backed currency and freely switch between different types of currency without third parties dictating terms or blocking the currency trading platforms in economic coercion.
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