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Crowd Governance Through Internet

Crowd based Governance through Internet will change the way government works forever

  • The purpose of Crowd Governance through Internet is to govern a country, a region or a town through extensive public and expert participation in decision making using Internet. This is 24/7 always on efficient governance.
  • At the same time, all Left and Right will fail, because this new system is largely driven by consensus, not ideology of Left or Right of an 'enlightened' few that got elected into positions of power and influence on the back of current systems.
  • The driving force is the rapid arrival of the Technological Singularity (within 15 years) and with it big changes as to what is possible with technology. Crowd Governance through Internet is next stage of evolution into Technological Singularity.
  • The most remarkable thing about the Technological Singularity Curve is that it does not change due to WWI and WWII.
  • This has huge implications.
  • If the Technological Singularity Curve was not affected by major upheaval WWI and WWII, then the heroes of Society are not politicians, military, kings, queens, religion, nobility, the rich, the media, the powerful etc dictating their whims to the public. The heroes of society are the geeks that drive the Technological Singularity forward. Despite all the civilians and military being killed in all wars, the brutal truth is that the rest of society just carried on.
  • We urgently need to re-calibrate our thought processes to absorb this detail.
  • It is the geeks that empower us every day and lifts us every day. Putting a mobile phone in the hands of a villager in deepest darkest Africa technologically empowers that person to be as powerful as any president 20 years ago. Its is the geeks that make this equality happen not politicians. And soon the geeks will gift us with Universal Basic Income (UBI).
  • As we become more equal, our individual demands become louder, and overall less easy to accommodate with just one political system with one political view point. What this will do is lead to ever more smaller political parties all trying to take control of a county to rule a whole country with a minority ideology that the majority does not support. We are already seeing this across the globe. This cannot and will not go on forever.
  • The only way out of this problem is to move us into Crowd Governance for which the core technologies such as web, Internet, wiki, etc exist.
  • With Crowd Governance through Internet, its easy to imagine topics are loaded into a web site by the public, and everyone with an interest in that topic will contribute to pushing its popularity up or down by giving it a score out of a range of say +/-5. If the topic reaches a certain threshold, then its merits could be studied financially and put to further votes. Everyone in the Crowd Governance would vote on it knowing its their own tax money that is funding it.
  • Leaving power and decision making in the hands of a few individuals cannot carry on forever.
  • On big topics such as Universal Basic Income funded by VAT, and 100% medical care, the needs of the many override the needs of the powerful.
  • Eventually Crowd Governance through Internet will replace all forms of government. All Left and Right will fail. It will all be just washed away. In the chaos, what everyone needs is guidance. We don't need microphone warriors or keyboard warriors to dictate terms. The setting up of infrastructure for Crowd Governance, its leadership, and guidance does not require elections and referendums.
  • It is done through merit and it is emergent. The guidance is to get open source App developers, Web developers and Internet companies to organize the creation and roll out of technology to give everyone a way to participate in Crowd Governance that is fair, free and equitable to all. This is the next step in evolution of Democracy. This evolution does not require corporate funding or government funding which comes with chains and rules to distort what the crowd wants in favor of what some narrow idealists wants. It can be done through open source, donations, crowd funding, charitable funding and gifting. There are no chains attached with crowd sourced resources. People want change and they give you everything with Crowd Governance through Internet until the crowd get what they want. Just like the invention of the megaphone to TV and radio changed the world, Crowd Governance through Internet will change everything.
  • One good thing with Crowd Governance is that no one will be allowed to be poor for example by rolling back all the bad things in society that make good people poor.
  • Crowd Governance through Internet is quicker, more efficient, governance work is done during day and night 24/7, 365 days, does not rely on single person sign off, does not rely on single heads of departments to oversee proposals and projects. The crowd does most of the work, while individuals in civil serviced departments are responsible for costing projects and communicating with all the interested parties to organize and implement the crowd governance wishes as a public service. We are all glued to smartphones and PCs these days, and so it is very simple to develop easy to use apps for crowd governance.
  • Since it is the geeks that drive this revolution in governance, it is their ideas that gets to front of every queue to launch great and new projects. So if a company decided that it has invented a trash sweeping robot and wishes to trial it on a particular street, they can upload videos of all its features and safety, and providing enough support is generated, it can have that device sweeping the streets within a week or two as a trial for a month. And if other regions and local areas are comfortable with the result, they too can order the sweeper by looking through the online documentation and replicating the process.
  • With the emergence of Crowd Governance through Internet, all those who dream about unilateral power and control over others would have to back peddle on these dreams and get down to logging in and helping out with greater dispensing of crowd governance for all, moderated by the crowd, with outstanding fresh ideas that wins the argument.

Mobilizing Opensource for creating Crowd Governance Apps and Websites

  • The apps and websites to implement Crowd Governance through Internet should be in the hands of open source developers.
  • The pressure to produce Crowd Governance through Internet apps and software that conform to ideals of those in positions of power and privilege is disturbing and dystopian.
  • Quite quickly it will be taken over by restrictions such as hiding the list of participants, giving more weight to some participants, fake/auto generated commentary to influence outcomes, restrictions on viable inclusive voting options etc etc etc.
  • Open source world on the other hand is 100% open with the code and the participation.
  • Anyone want to bring Crowd Governance through Internet to wide deployment have the field all to themselves today - much like the pioneers who first entered into megaphone era or the radio era or the TV era.
  • Today we have power concentrated in a few individuals and TV to radiate that power and control to entire nation.
  • This won't be enough in the future, as alternatives to TV such as Crowd Governance through Internet with the development of appropriate Apps and Web sites bypass traditional schemes for bestowing power to ideas and individuals.
  • Anyone can all on open source world to create Crowd Governance Apps and Websites. It is the next stage of evolution into the Technological Singularity. If the proposals are agreeable, then open source developers will pool together and implement it all in no time. If the world takes up these Apps (for which there is history where it readily happens), the TV politicians, Left and Right will be left without power.

Dispute Resolution

  • Methods that work and in use already here -
  • The simplest of all dispute resolution is to ask all parties to bring a list of their most important concerns in descending order.
  • When parties answer that request to resolve a dispute, they are providing you with a means to solve the dispute.
  • Anything that is not on that list need not be considered as it is not important to them.
  • If the parties cooperated fully, the law of diminishing returns applies, and thus you only need to address the first few concerns.
  • This is one way Crowd Governance through Internet will resolve disputes - whittling away the low priority items and letting people vote on the bigger issues.
  • It is a quicker alternative to the much costlier legal ways of dispute resolution, which can run in parallel if the parties so wished.

Crowd Checked Online Voting System Free of Cheating

  • It is very easy to implement a voting system where everyone can vote and crowd check the results to ensure no one has cheated.
  • A computer generates two random numbers per person - a public number and a private number.
  • The public number is associated with a person and their address. This list is published publicly online immediately to ensure everyone has been accounted for.
  • If there are fake people and addresses in there, neighbors can flag it.
  • The private number is sent to the person to allow them to vote.
  • The private number and the person associated with those two numbers is stored in a list that only the computer has access to.
  • Everyone votes. This could be paper based, or online. If online, the voter uses the private number only and declares which way it votes.
  • After voting finishes, the computer publishes publicly a list of all voter private numbers and beside each number how that person voted (or not).
  • Each person now checks their private number online and which way it voted to ensure it aligns with their own vote.
  • This crowd checking of election result is more powerful than anything before it and a complete game changer.
  • The tally of votes is now very accurate reflection of the crowd's will.
  • The tally can be checked by computer and crowd checked by anyone who downloads the list.
  • If the vote has been tampered, the voters selects his/her private number, types in the public number and then contest the vote online.
  • No one else can do this online in a reasonably efficient way because they don't know the private number and its association with a public number in order to be able to contest a vote online.
  • There will be always attempts at cheating - for example stealing the private number whilst knowing who it belongs to cast a false vote.
  • Or attempt to read the private number and its association with the public number. But the crowd can set up its rules about who is in charge of the computers and the data and keep duplicate copies as well as set up honey pots, and keep changing the rules as a way of detecting and deterring anyone from interfering in Crowd Governance machinery.
  • If many eyes from the crowd flag cheating, then investigations can be triggered.
  • Also cheaters leave an online foot print of their activities. And if their names come up often enough, it can trigger a police investigation.
  • Instant crowd action would apply to interference in Internet connectivity. Those who take control of it could be replaced through crowd action and then local companies could be swiftly authorized to install Internet as well as take control of any existing physical infrastructure because it is crucial equipment of the norms of new democracy.

Will the Rich and Powerful become powerless and poor?

  • Not likely as it is aspiration of everyone to be richer and everyone will need a community encouraged way of getting rich.
  • There will be an official way to fund projects and that is to put the cash on the table first and describe your projects and what you will pay.
  • People will join your project and make the product knowing their pay is guaranteed if the work as prescribed gets done.
  • Some projects need revenue raised from product sales to link it to future pay out.
  • So it encourages everyone to work harder to get the project goals accomplished, take risks, and thus get paid may be a little higher if the project succeeds.
  • The main idea behind putting cash on the table is to prevent fake and highly speculative projects from robbing people of their time and energies and not getting paid.
  • A second idea behind putting cash on the table is to show you are serious with your money and willing to share your fortune with others if they in turn help you.
  • As time goes by, the quality of the cash on the table will become higher because everyone gets a better idea of real costs and real timescales, and employee worth.
  • If the project is not commercially viable with returns for the workers and investors, then the money will not reach the table.
  • If the money had been put on the table, it can't be withdrawn to fund other projects because people have their lives to lead and are dependent on the current project becoming successful.
  • Only if the crowd agree to disband the project can be cash be taken off the table.

We take a deep interest in Crowd based Governance because we hope to be delivering 3D wired Hypercube Data Centers and software running on those servers that facilitates Crowd Governance. This all down to rapidly approaching Technological Singularity which will be here in about 16 years time (from today 2019) in a rapidly accelerating technological world. This is not a whole lot of time to prepare for possible unraveling of all political systems globally due to the powerful changes that the Technological Singularity brings.
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