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Employment Opportunities

  • We are an equal opportunities employer
  • Presently all technology related work involves knowing embedded Linux 100%
  • We provide free training to those that have potential
  • Send CV to
  • All work is based around blogging daily work, and upload daily work files into the Intranet to connect with internationally distributed team.
  • This method of working also helps to be gender neutral and age neutral for R&D work.
  • Using the Intranet to peer review other engineers and developers to get support and to advise each other on best practice is part of daily work.
  • Extensive use of Intranet also helps us to facilitate remote working.
  • We provide all training beyond any training you received from a college or a university through blogs and Intranet.
  • All documentation aims to be 100% complete as measured by technical debt, so you can expect to be up to speed within 2 weeks of starting.
  • We will often have small hardware and software developer work that is available on a contract basis. This is ideal for students to professionals.
    • To work as a contractor, you will need to have set up a company in your country with a bank account so that we can pay you directly into your account for any service you are contracted to provide to us.
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