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Hypercube USB Powered Prototyping Board


  • Final release board ready after practical testing of the previous version with real projects.
  • The purpose of this board is to generate 5V from USB and also 3.3V for prototyping work.
  • The perforated board allows two FPC connectors to be brought to the board.
  • There is now a power mixer in the board so that solar, DC mains and USB can supply power to the board during development work.

Older Revisions

This is a USB powered prototyping board with USB power supplied 5V, and regulated output of 3.3V. Comes with facilities for adding more power connections through FPC connector, F-lock header or a DC jack. Designed in KiCAD and soon to be open sourced.


  • Up to 12 Hypercube Prototype Boards can be assembled into a single Hypercube. Other boards such as power distribution board are added as needed.
  • The boards are interchangeable with other Hypercube boards to allow for modular construction of large projects into 3D wired Hypercubes.
  • Sample boards are made now (middle photo)

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