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144pin ARM CPU Blue Pill Board

144pin ARM CPU Blue Pill Board

  • This board will run Arduino IDE code because it is an STDuino, and it will run gcc compiled C code with AC6 Eclipse IDE
  • Both items are open source and runs in Linux
  • This board comes with a big resistor patch panel that allows any IO line to be wired to any other IO line on the FPC connectors to make custom buses on the fly.
  • We will get some videos out showing how the patch panels are used.
  • All the schematics will be released under open source license soon. The other projects are here: Open Source Boards
  • The idea is that you remix your own projects with the other open sourced projects we release under open source and make gadgets as fast as is humanely possible. The Hypercube provides a way to bolt 12 PCBs together into one cube and wire them up rapidly.
  • We will also provide good commercial quality GPL'd multi-tasking software to make all the peripheral boards work. (If you want to go commercial, then we also sell the identical non-GPL'd code which goes to support the entire infrastructure.)
  • You will be able add dozens of boards and their multi-tasking drivers without a glitch and make giant systems.
  • This board we plan to use to build a Digital Quantum Computer

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