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Capacitive Touch Hypercube Keyboard

Capacitive touch keyboard designed to be integrated into Hypercube

  • The touch chip to be used is TTP229. They can read 16 keys. Need at least 4 chips to encode the full keypad.
  • Changing the design to add more keys is an option.
  • Adding a USB serial is an option.
  • The board will have serial, I2C and SPI interface.
  • Connecting a real keyboard is always better - but at times there just isn't enough space to cram everything into one compact piece of technology.
  • One Hypercube accommodate 12 boards, so if there is space, this keyboard is added as needed.
  • This board is intended to be released in KiCAD under open source license along with all the multi-tasking software needed to drive it.
  • Have a look here for example of working multi-tasking software
  • List of other open source boards

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