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Hypercube Locking Mechanism

  • The design of the locks between Hypercubes has been evolving.

Plastic Injection Molded Parts For Lever Cam Locking Mechanism

  • This is 3D printed version to try out.
  • The hex spacers are locked together with a hollow tube containing a cam lever. As the lever cam is rotated, the cam tightens against the spacer body and locks.
  • Cam levers are a quick release mechanism - screw type mechanisms are a lot harder to use
  • Because it is too difficult to reach behind a Hypercube as the structures become bigger, lock the cam lever locks that are behind a new Hypercube first, and then slide in the new Hypercube into the hollow tube of the lock.
  • After sliding in the cube, slide the open locks over the joins of the Hypercube and lock it
  • The result is a Hypercube trapped by the locks
  • Sometimes single ended locks are not enough because the final Hypercube is not supported anywhere. For this we use double ended locks.

Screw Lock Mechanism

  • Levers are easy to operate, but sometimes more strength is needed and for that we develop a screw lock mechanism.

High Strength Screw Lock Mechanism

  • This is higher strength steel version for 3D stacked Hypercubes.

3D Printed Test Screw Lock Mechanism

  • The smaller version of the high strength screw lock mechanism is similar but requires fewer unique parts and less material. Prototypes printed and working.
  • The nut is special and has a cavity inside it to allow the nut to spin freely whilst the two spacers are being joined together.

High Strength Server Locks

  • These are the heavy gauge locks for 3D wired server arrays as tall as 20 meters.
  • They are 20mm diameter solid steel.
  • They can be much larger and hold together much taller server arrays.
  • These designs 100% working.

Final Revision (August 2019 version)

  • These are final revision samples
  • The small nut a little more rounded and now a 3 piece mechanism
  • The large pieces come with their own spanner slots

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