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Fake Marketing of Internet Services and Speeds

The Internet is Full of Toobes

  • When trying to get connected, the first thing you are going to be marketed by most providers is fake bandwidth limitations.
  • Are you a bandwidth hog?
  • If you believe you are, then pat yourself on the back for being the most successful product of fake marketing campaign conducted by telecom incumbents.
  • Do you believe you should use bandwidth sparingly?
  • Then pat yourself on the back for being one of the most successful products of a fake marketing campaign by telecom companies.
  • Do you believe that you are getting value for money for your Internet charges?
  • Then pat yourself on the back for being the most gullible, unable to count, unable to check, paying 20 times more for poor value than somebody in the know.
  • You are the proverbial fertilizer that rejects in marketing departments feed on to keep their jobs.
  • As a customer you don't make the grades unless you see red on behalf of telecom companies when fellow customers ask for more. How did you learn to become this way? Stealth marketing by trolls inserted into online forums to sell a fake vision of scarcity. You read a bunch of circle jerkers wrote and their 'informed' diatribe and believed in it.
  • If that did not work then fake online accounts are used to attack discontented customers to keep those profits flowing.
  • To whose benefit this kind of activity is aimed at nobody knows, because this way of existing has gone on for so long, it's proponents long dead, that it's become a meme in the absence of effective policing of Internet against circle jerking marketeers.
  • The system is so broken that not even the politicians are aware of the dangers to their country.

Killing a meme

  • It's not easy to kill the memes that drive telecom sales trolls.
  • The way to start killing off a meme is to stand in front of a mirror and explain your vision of telecom and the Internet to yourself from all the activities you allowed yourself to hear and participate in.
  • Now try to explain it all again after noting 1gbit Internet to a fee paying commercial customer is worth $20 per month and the entire investment is repaid in under 2 years and pure profit afterwards.
  • If you are reeling from it, have fun but don't linger on it. If you want assurances the costs are correct, read this.
Page last modified on September 22, 2019, at 10:27 AM