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Hypercube Blue Pill+++ STDuino Board

STDuino USB powered board with built in accelerometer, giro, digital compass, real time battery backed clock, 1km 64 node networkable RS485, solar power mixer, resistor patch panel


  • Hypercube Blue Pill+++ STDuino Board - soon to be open sourced. Layout finished and ready to be sent off for manufacturing.
  • Final adjustments to components and labelling
  • It now has a power mixer to work form solar or DC jack
  • This now has Boot0 switch to allow the board to be booted up in debug mode if if PB3 PB4 JTAG pins got disabled for IO use

Older Info

  • This board is 3rd revision featuring RS485 built in for home networking
  • The CPU is STM32F103C8T6 with USB for serial communications. Can also use GD32F103C8T6.
  • It can be programmed by ST-Link V2 and clones
  • It has separate battery backed date and time chip on I2C bus (because ST chip can remember time but not date after a power cycle)
  • It has option for 9 axis I2C accelerometer so it can be used in robotics
  • It has electronic power up and power down option - it can be turned on with a voltage level from shut down state.
  • An LED snake to display status
  • It can be powered from USB
  • Options such as being powered from power mixer that handles solar, mains, Lithium cells best done through dedicated Hypercube Lithium Prototyping Board
  • The board can be programmed with Arduino IDE with Arduino code
  • The board can be programmed in C with Eclipse cross compiler AC6
  • KiCAD runs under Linux, Arduino IDE and AC6 also run in Linux (tested under Ubuntu 14.04) so entire developer platform runs under open source.

  • Board now built (right of image) - this is previous revision


  • Can be programmed through STLinkV2
  • STDuino code working - is equivalent to a STDuino Blue Pill
    • Arduino serial print with built in ST chip's USB working - shows up as ttyACM0 under Ubuntu Linux 16.04 (required AC6 Eclipse compiler to be installed from to set up the udev rules correctly)


  • The real time battery backed time chip, USB port, accelerometer all checked and working (older revision hardware)

Page last modified on November 08, 2018, at 06:51 PM