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Micro Hypercube Data Center

Micro Hypercube Data Center scalable to suit IoT projects to mega scale projects


  • We are looking into using a Micro scalable Hypercube Data Center and Hypercube Cloud Solution for a civic contract.
  • The reasons we are able to compete are described here so that you may talk about and copy our example when bidding for civic contracts using Hypercubes.
  • A Hypercube micro cloud solution is similar to a big cloud, but you can put it into your office or factory premise.
  • A Hypercube micro cloud solution can easily have 1000 CPUs to 10,000+ CPUs and scales above these as needed.
  • 1000 CPUs fit into a room about 10 square meters and consume about 10kW which is next to nothing compared to all other alternatives.
  • The Hypercube micro cloud solutions have
    • Image storage and processing
    • Document storage and processing
    • Barcode and QR code processing
    • Inventory management
    • Robotic inventory management
    • AI to process images
    • AI to process documents
    • IoT storage space
    • IoT graphing servers
    • Mobile Internet content servers
    • PC desktop content servers
    • Search engine
    • CRM software
    • Project management software
    • Email servers
    • list servers
    • ftp servers
    • MQTT servers with IoT integration
    • ssh servers
    • SQL servers
    • Report generators
    • Shopping cart
    • NoSQL for enterprise scaling
    • Full live updated training material
  • And many other features and functions too numerous to list are added to order at time of shipment, or afterwards as needed.
  • This technology is all about agility. Building a 1000 CPU data center in under 2 days.
  • This comes with software same a regular cloud but as its in your office, together with your own R&D connected devices, it can handle confidential office data mixed with robot control and machine learning R&D project work integrated with machine tool control all without the security and latency risks of remote cloud. Ideal whether you are developing next generation Formula E electric car to an IoT controlled building.
  • Get to perfect agile position to scale local system to a big remote Hypercube cloud or replicate micro Hypercube cloud as needed across many factory sites.
  • We extend the list of features by updating the software remotely which the users are welcome to use to increase their productivity.
  • The management of the cloud is remote. The managers are on site trained staff, or off site collective managers that manage many Hypercube micro clouds solutions.
  • What we are doing is creating is the next step in knowledge based automation for industry in a compact form which could not previously come into existence because of computing overheads and the lack of integrated software.

Hypercube Data Processing Solution

  • The reasons for using Hypercube are:
    1. Hypercube is a 3D wired data center and cloud solution that allows 10x the compactness of data center compared to flat data center.
    2. 3D wired technology is predicted to exist at about this time from the Technological Singularity Curve.
    3. We use 10% energy to achieve more than 90% of the performance of energy hungry data centers.
    4. We exploit DDR RAM paging speed limitation to make it happen.
    5. Our data center processes 900% more data per unit of volume, time and electrical power than a high energy flat data center.
  • Obviously they are fantastic claims when experiencing it first time. OK to understand the logic when you create both hardware and software.
  • For the average data scientist or management, it is easy to push for a big flat 3D energy hungry data center cloud solution but here we apply intervention to change your mind.
  • To find out about point no.1 see Hypercube Geometry
  • To find out about point no.4 see DDR Paging Speed Limit
  • For this tender, our system is designed to measure crowd flow with a micro cloud and this is how we intend to do it: Hypercube crowd flow measurement system

Micro Data Center and Hypercube Cloud Solution

  • A large amount of data cannot be sent to some one else's cloud for security reasons. Hypercubes offer a way to assemble immense computing power in a tiny volume with very little training.
  • With less than a day of training you can order the Hypercube data center parts and assemble a 1000 processor data center in less than 2 days. They come with cloud software just like any other cloud solutions.
  • The boards are practically same as the open source Hypercube IoT prototyping boards - just bigger.
  • So if you have used Hypercube IoT boards already, assembling the data center to go with your solution is a breeze.
  • These servers can connect to tens of thousands of IoT devices and log their data. And you can then write code for it and start testing solutions.
  • But the clever part is that you can do it all in the space of about 3 or 4 desks.
  • You can test the servers, test the IoT devices, debug it, all within the confines of your office knowing that none of the data is reaching the real cloud where it could get compromised.
  • This is what we sell well we talk about micro Hypercube Data Center.
  • It is a way to make the future happen inside your office without having to sign big out sourcing contracts.
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