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AI & Automation Within Sales Tax Funded Universal Basic Income

  • All politicians are criminals if they levy VAT and use it for any purpose other than UBI. There are many other taxes for every purpose. The only societal purpose of VAT is to fund UBI and no other.
  • Universal Basic Income or UBI has or is being trialed in some areas of the world, but the precise reasons why it is being trialed by inexperienced politicians have never made sense to anyone.
  • There are endless streams of Microphone Warriors who pursue it on TV and Radio for ideological reasons and political reasons. None of which is relevant.
  • The reasons for that is simple. Keyboard warriors and before them Typewriter warriors knew the answer but did not explain. We didn't live in an age where UBI is feasible.
  • However with the rapid approach of the Technological Singularity, automation and AI are doubling in capability every 18 months. We are moving into an age of plenty with fulfillment by AI and Automation. For this age of plenty to work, we need UBI.
  • UBI is the new civic innovation. The simplest way to implement UBI is to collect VAT (Value Added Tax or sales tax / GST - 20% in UK for example, 28% India) on goods sold, regulate it from being used for any further political projects and leave it aside as UBI for everyone. We already pay this tax. It is what we do with that becomes the new civic innovation.
  • In terms of civic duty, we need to move on the topic now. Today in year 2020, $6000 buys a welding robot with 2 meter reach. This robot is far cheaper than any welder. Ten years ago, it would have cost $30,000 and you could hire 3 welders for that price and so you would not buy such robots in any great numbers.
  • UBI funded by sales tax will allow the goods produced by factories to be consumed by everyone that needs it whether they are in work or not. With UBI, sales are guaranteed for automated factories, and the factories can afford to move into five star production to get more sales and never again skimp on quality.
  • UBI is the AI + Automation dividend. UBI funded by VAT leads to unlimited expansion of automation and wealth. It is unforgivable that politicians and civil servants are accessing VAT for uneducated malpractice.
  • Everyone can continue to work and participate in the AI + Automation led economy working harder for a better life. Everyone can also take risks, and create work wherever they see an opportunity.
  • The wealthy can afford to buy expensive items, and more items, paying more sales tax (or VAT/GST) knowing that their contribution generates more UBI funds and prosperity for everyone.
  • There is no one poor or caught in a trickle down economy.
  • A 'trickle down' economy like the one implemented in USA has never worked and like all tin pot regimes, it relies on billionaires conning workers by forcing legislation through lobbies and astroturfing operations funded through (fake) charities (that hide obligation to say who funded them) to keep wealth for themselves. The median income in US is 18th (wikipedia fake article based on a poll), while the billionaires and finance companies domiciled in US push it up to 6th. Its a country of poor people slaving to the rich who don't pay taxes to fund student tuition (student debt $2T) to healthcare (with highest death rates per dollar spent to repair a medical problem) despite using USA workers and burdening them with all the big ticket items. Its currently engaged in trade wars to blame others to balance the problems that local billionaires created. Its not going to happen through trade, because Big Data again says USA is only 4% of global demand from smartphones to shoes. The only way to balance the books abroad is to balance the books at home so that trade imbalance is offset by local wealth in the hands of the average person. This is a political lifestyle problem where billionaires to banks don't take responsibility for US workers and their healthcare to tuition fees despite using them. The average person is born into debt of at least $20,000 for being born medical bills. They continue to take out debt and pay interest throughout their life for tuition fees, housing, and more medical bills. And then they die with piles of debt. The rich just print money not letting the poor know that they are borrowing from the rich to survive. This is a serfdom with printed money functioning as the oil for the machinery of servitude instead of physical chains. If medical bills to tuition fees were paid by the tax payer (which must includes the rich), the average citizen will have their primary causes of debt cancelled and live with greater freedom in their own country. A rich person could become poor overnight and never become rich again amid personal circumstances and then they will realize the benefit of this freedom. This is a very different existence from a serfdom where average citizen always owes servitude to the rich for money borrowed. Today, the average USA worker is destroyed if $500 unexpected bill arrives. But if they are paid properly and have $1000 a month spare, the situation will never exist.
  • A bank stress test in US which paid out $1200 directly to customers during COVID-19 lock down, who might otherwise default, actually made the local economy strong. Nobody went out of business and no one had to be sued to make the economy work. It actually made people richer including the banks that saw more transactions for which they take their cut with fees.
  • Factories that produce goods still need to be competitive, make relevant products and most important of all, they can increase their AI and automation investment knowing that if their products are good, there will always be customers to buy their products.
  • When advanced projects such as the Synthetic AI Hand Project starts producing results, displacing expert chefs in preparing food for example, everyone needs UBI and so no one will go hungry.
  • UBI does not have to be 100% when it is rolled out. It will become 100% eventually. At current technological pace, in 10 years, a 10% sales tax is enough for UBI. Less than 5 year later, only a 5% VAT is needed for full UBI. At any time, UBI amount can be set at a level to service a lot more than basic needs - but there is not enough AI and Automation to service it leading to hyper inflation until AI and Automation catches up.
  • It is worth noting that setting a higher AI Automation dividend (UBI) payout will automatically encourage faster adoption of AI and Automation to reduce costs and increase profit. For two reasons. First the larger number of people in the consumer economy that can now pay for goods that previously could not participate. And second, the rush to automate everything in plain sight creates its own spending spree by big companies.
  • Those with money that stand to lose influence which money and power brings, and those with Dystopian views, will always find a way to paint a negative view of UBI. They could just as well paint a positive world view such as abolishment of unemployment on day 1, and sell only the benefits of UBI because the Technological Singularity is rapidly approaching (about 15 to 20 years from the time this article was last updated) and that is not a whole lot of time to make mistakes.
  • The anxiety among the rich, powerful and media is going to send magnitude 8 earthquakes up and down the upper echelons of society when they realize UBI funded by VAT doesn't cost them a penny because it does not tax any of the wealth they own. They will slide into political irrelevance because no one to listen to their priorities. As Crowd Governance through Internet takes over, the loss of power becomes acute and the only way they can become relevant is to fund ways that elevate society with their wealth.
  • The tech billionaires on the other hand can dismiss any anxiety over UBI funded by VAT. Tech billionaires can put billions into a bank, wait one year and it will still be there with interest. UBI is funded by VAT and does not tax individual or their personal wealth. So all tech entrepreneurs can support UBI because not only is their wealth protected but they also get a chance to do more business with the public and collect revenue from the massive expansion of market funded by UBI.
  • In sharp contrast, the way the world functions today is far more evil than any Dystopian can ever dream of. Today we have 'negative interest rates'. Using round numbers, you put in billions to trillions into central bank. For every $100 you put in, your money is worth $90 in a years time with negative interest rate. So why do the rich to institutions put their money into a negative interest rate bank? Because they cannot hand over such huge sums to a normal bank which if it failed would loose them everything unlike a central bank. So the Dystopian rich are earning so much and so scared of losing any of that money, they would bank in a bank with negative interest bank now? Who told them this is the right thing to do? Negative interest rate is same as UBI. It is two sides of the same coin as the Technological Singularity closes in. You may as well give away $10 as UBI for every $100 banked as UBI instead of magic it away with negative interest rate and announce it as robust policy. That would go towards generating consumption and demand and more sales tax revenues creating prosperity than it would by simply using ignorance, arrogance of the rich and maths of the illiterate to make $10 disappear.
  • UBI is the AI Automation dividend and it is not OK for the rich to consume it with negative interest rates.
  • Tech entrepreneurs stand to benefit from showing strong opposition to any policy such as negative interest rates and replace it with to UBI funded by VAT to allow more flow of cash in the economy.
  • We don't want to punish people for being poor in an age of plenty. We haven't the time to listen to negative world views. We want to move forward and make a world where something simple as umbrellas are made to last forever and never again live in fear of its consequences because of some out dated Dystopian view or a fruitless meme holding us all back from a better world. And even if we did choose a horrible path to punish poor people for being poor and justify that as the right thing to do, the Technological Singularity does not care, and will reign in the age of plenty in some other countries. Because of this, we need to choose who we listen to. Looking carefully at the Technological Singularity Curve, we also need to choose our heroes.
  • The above is a drawing of technology curves such as global computing power, and how much it increases with time. It is an exponential curve doubling every 18 months, and it goes vertical around 2035. What is incredible about this technological curve is that it has not flinched from its projected trajectory since it was first drawn. And the curve can be drawn back to more than a hundred years for many man made technologies such as for example, the number of ball bearings we make. Different curves from numerous different sources of Big Data, from ball bearing production to computing power, all draw the same robust curve.
  • What is most interesting about The Technological Singularity Curve, is that in the intervening period such as World War I and Word War II, the curve did not flinch. That is an almost impossible concept to absorb, and follow through all its ramifications. Nevertheless we are on this curve, and we need to absorb the details and re-calibrate our views of the world that we are born into.
  • In short form, what the Technological Singularity Curve is saying is that while the military, politicians and religions were waging war over the centuries, and killing each other and civilians, the hard truth is that the rest of the world continued to function as it always had, driven by technological advances by techies that drive society forward. The true heroes of the world are not politicians, kings, queens, military, religious leaders, nobles, the rich, the powerful, media etc, but the humble techie. The rumblings of this stark observations come into view in 2017 when for a brief time, a handful of tech companies were more valuable than ALL of the banks in the world put together. One company, Alibaba, took $24 billion in sales in one day facilitated by Internet and technology. No bank can ever hope to match that (so why would top global talent ever work for banks and stock market today?). No politician can hope to will this into existence. Neither can military, kings, queens, the rich or the media hope to will this into existence. Their priorities have zero relevance to the modern world. All they can ever hope to do as service to society is to elevate society. Straying from service to elevate society serves no purpose as prosperity drifts off elsewhere at a faster pace than ever before. As we edge closer to 2035, it is likely that all value will shift towards technology companies and what they can do for society with their products that capture daily mind share.
  • Techies have gifted us with mobile phone and every 18 months or so, it has doubled in capabilities and empowerment to all. Billions now use use it. It is now not that difficult to put a mobile phone in the hands of someone in deepest darkest Africa and let them learn and set up a web shop to sell original art and craft and buy a Tesla a few weeks later is a genuine possibility. No politician has ever delivered on such equality.
  • UBI is the next something that techies will gift the world with, through automation and AI, at an increasing pace that is coming from the Technological Singularity. Taking a simple tax such as VAT (or sales tax/GST as its known in other countries - 20% in UK) for UBI and prohibiting its use for other political projects would be the simplest way to ensure everyone can get UBI. We already pay this tax and so its not a new tax, and the infrastructure for its collection is already available in most developed countries. We just need regulations to ensure VAT is used for UBI and no other political projects. The estimate varies about UBI but 10% enough within 10 years - and the current tax is double that in UK. Add another 5 years to that, and it will go down to less than 5%. This is not in the books of Left such as Keynes to Marx or Right such as Adam Smith because they lived in an era where economies were thought to scale linearly but we have never lived in such a world. We are at the knee of an exponential curve which was first noted by Ray Kurzweil. In the next 15 years this curve will become exponential and we have to write our own adventure with our own ideas and the best way to do this is to forget all point scoring traditions such as Left and Right and commit to new ways of elevating society that are based on our own new ideas.
  • With UBI we can encourage everyone to go on 'free' leisure tours and holidays so that they may spend their cash and generate VAT revenue across many regions which is any region other than the region they currently live in. This is a way of distributing wealth and channeling cash revenues across the country to those who provide useful services to society.
  • Note that wealth generation is exponential, and all that happens in a modern trade war is that the wealth rapidly spreads around elsewhere in the globe while those who are receptive to trade war and its people diminish, (becoming more desperate, and become more easier to control - which would be justification to moving to Crowd Governance as Technological Singularity arrives).
  • Governments for their part will also need to demonetize substantial numbers of items over time so that UBI is not wasted on essentials such as a qualified amounts of clean water, electricity, heating and air conditioning, Internet, travel, education, health services, and so on. This is not a new thing. Health care is already demonetized in many countries. Basic education is free in many countries. Travel is free for very young and the retired in many countries. With self driving vehicles such as buses, the fee for average member of the public should be reduced ever further to reflect the cost of providing the service, and reduction in the barrier to entry to such markets for new players, so that in an age of UBI, transportation costs should not amount to some artificial target of something like 50% of your UBI if you have a reasonable average commute. Where such targets do exist it should be opened up for discussion and debate to see if it is fair in an age of UBI. Just because someone thought it is fair at the time a target is set, it will unlikely work in an age of UBI.
  • Demonetizing house purchase (a big ticket item) would be a high priority for government. This generally could mean taking on all the land owners - very hard and dangerous. An easier way to accomplish the same thing is to restrict loan periods from 30 to 5 years and change it from 'mortgage' type loans to plain loans that doesn't suck so much out of a person's wallet. This is sustainable as more wealth arrive through AI + Automation allowing people to get homes, change homes more frequently, increase maintenance spending, and bring down house prices. Of course no end to land owners and their moans and their own metric when the system is changed, but the real metric is to use Big Data and show how many more people own houses and live a safer family life with fewer stress levels compared to mortgage driven economy and low ownership sucking out money to feed powerful landlords without contributing to the wider economy and UBI driven economy. There is also 3D printed housing and automated construction of housing making houses affordable. If the planning is automated to allow instant licenses to construct full tested building erecting machines, then costs will continue to slide and everyone can live in good five star accommodation in the near future.
  • In a UBI led world, we need to investigate how customers are charged and make it UBI friendly.
  • It is not fair for example to charge in the age of computers, $1 for a parking space for a full hour minimum fee when you spent only 30 minutes parked. We should be able to do better.
  • We can now for example read car number plates, and charge according to entry to exit duration. This is already working AI + Automation technology that replaces an army of parking attendants and a ton of paperwork. So if you spent only 30 minutes in the car park, you should only pay $0.50. Micro payment system already exist, but there is no end of banks and clearing houses that want to apply per transaction a minimum charge. In a UBI driven world of computer driven invoicing such practices would need to be outlawed. Detailed investigations have revealed that in the age of computers, many payment processing fees levied do not reflect the true cost of a transaction. This results in overcharging. In the age of UBI, this kind of staircase invoicing and unreasonable inflation of costs should be banned by government order so that all those on UBI can get a lot more work done each day instead of having all their funding seized by unfair charging practices to hidden fees that do not reflect the cost of providing that service that we are powerless to avoid or refuse legally.
  • Demonetizing as a new form of best practice is not confined to any specific item. It can begin with government push for big ticket items such as healthcare and tuition as automation sinks into those areas. It can also be encouraged for small ticket items such as removing minimum fees in a lot of areas of charging and make it proportional to usage.
  • We would also take care with regulations so as to discriminate against various types of misuse of UBI. For example UBI used to fund gambling, loans, addiction and so on. What this allows is UBI to be confiscated by someone else who has entrapped a victim into some kind of economic slavery so that they can't buy food, pay for travel, and pay their rent. One could envision that UBI would arrive in a debit card that you can use to pay for any material goods and many services, but which will not work in certain places like gambling shops and loan companies. You can always load the card with cash that you earned but if you haven't the means, then card will not make you any more poorer by allowing it to be spent in ways that may leave you without the tangible good benefits of UBI. As time goes by, the list of goods and services will get expanded so that it is harder for anyone planning economic slavery schemes to operate. The driving motivation is to give everyone the chance to participate in a consuming society instead of locking up individual's wealth in yet more new schemes that leaves them unable to participate. If everyone has clocked up billions in debt for example, it requires bold action such canceling all debt and demonetizing loan services so that the state pays for it and legislates against any more new loan schemes. Because we are moving into an age of plenty of AI and Automation, these ideas are possible to free up society into new ways of existing.
  • Robot tax is something that will never work - it just holds back progress and benefits of AI + Automation from the poor. Its punishes the poor by making goods expensive for the masses. The purpose of AI and Automation is to decrease production costs, lower prices and empower more people with ownership. Taxing robots prevents greater ownership and passing on the benefits of AI and Automation. Other countries will race ahead according to the Technological Singularity Curve, so harsh governments to dictators punish their own people and delay the benefits of increased automation and UBI.
  • Printing money is not an option to pay for UBI. There is no shortage of paper, so we can print money no problem, but there is no value to it. The purpose of money is to give with one hand, take with the other, and limit the amount in circulation so that useful work can get done in a fair exchange. If there is UBI, then all the products of automation can be bought because everyone has money to buy products. The more AI and Automation, the better the quality of the products on sale, and the lower the prices. So your order books are full with customers if your product is better than anyone else's. That is incentive for anyone with ideas to start a new factory, and work harder to produce better products if you want more disposable income than what UBI provides.
  • If your country supports UBI, then if you are a geek, or a government infused with geeks, your company and your country can automate faster knowing that UBI is there to ensure that products of automation can be bought by everyone if it has value. This is yet more fairer society than any politician may dream of but that which geeks will deliver with the rapidly approaching Technological Singularity.
  • The total money changing hands is about $3000 per person per year average across the globe (2017). If 10% of it is taken as sales tax to fund UBI, the amount of $300 per person is not enough to do anything. Unless techies engage with automation to bring costs right down so that $300 is all you need to live out a whole year. This is doable as increased automation takes hold and more things become lower cost, and automated. At present rate, what the $300 can purchase will double in effective value every 18 months, so by year 12, its purchasing power will become as effective as $4800 today - which is far more than $3000 average an person handles today to survive. This means by about 2030, in line with Ray Kurzweil prediction, UBI is totally obligatory and affordable for everyone.
  • (These numbers translate in richer countries with simple ratio limiting purchasing power. You earn more but living costs higher, so the purchasing power ratios are about the same whether earning $3000 or $30,000. It is the AI + Automation dividend that changes the ratios and thus bring on UBI.)
  • How UBI is spent is interesting. If the amount of UBI small, it is spent on food and clothing. If UBI amount gets over that hurdle, it is spent on local economy to purchase daily essentials, do up overdue repairs, investing in a new job, creating new products and services, and mobility is increased.
  • By 2030 we should start to see a lot of UBI related demonetization. Instead of paying $10 for a taxi ride, think of $1 self driving taxi ride. Keep extending the automation in all directions. In the future, if you need a blood test, get a robot to do it for $0.1 and push down costs really hard through automation. If you need an ambulance, could a self driving ambulance with robots arrive and patch up a broken leg and drive you to your house and put you in bed and leave a monitoring device with you for $1? If the answer is no, then think of ways of making it happen! That is how UBI will be delivered by techies and not by politicians. Politicians should know their place and ring in this new era by funding deep automation. They should not actively engage in politics that steals money from rich or poor to fund UBI. Politics of UBI should be strictly disciplined. UBI should never be connected to status, rich or poor politics. That will never work, and it will NEVER EVER deliver UBI in your country if its messed up by the politician or the super rich bending terms and conditions to suit them.
  • The real work of delivering UBI is billions of hours spent by techies creating deep automation and nothing per se to do with standing on a podium venting politics and hot air. Politicians should abandon their trade and instead seek to become technologists, scientists, artists, admins of crowd governance sites etc where their work can be counted on to further society.
  • If you are technologist making the next generation of 3D printed houses, driverless cars, trains, trucks, planes, delivery robot, warehouse robot, or an automation expert trying to double the speed of a machine, every one of you would feel safe knowing there is UBI available because your work can then proceed at its expert pace increasing ownership and equality by reducing cost of products without having to deal with the fall out of throwing someone out of work and into real poverty because UBI was there to take care of them.
  • With increased UBI and increased AI and Automation, there will be more people with more ownership of more products all over the world. That is an absolutely more fairer world than anyone had dreamed about, less places where regulations to politics and corruption hold back people from a more free and fair world away from greatest possible ownership. The more we can demonetize services in this new world from transport to health care, the more richer everyone will become more quickly leading to more ownership and doing more grand things that comes with more ownership and access to greater services.
  • The changes are coming more quicker than ever, but reaction from media, political systems and other incumbents of the old ways will try their best to slow down changes, and their efforts will become as futile as ever. The Technological Singularity Curve simply moves the benefits to elsewhere in the globe, and continue the relentless pace forward, leaving the politicians of the left behind world to rant incessantly one apology after another for all the failures on their part to deliver real prosperity in line with the rest of the advancing world.
  • Left and Right politics will not work in the new era. Ideas such as taxing the rich (Left), or you are using something so you should pay something for it (Right) are invalid. Taxing the rich to confiscating company shares and bonds is same as printing money and a lot easier because far less paperwork involved. If everyone has more money, then prices simply keep going up with hyper inflation because there is no one doing the work. And therein lies the answer why taxing the rich is not a solution. Money has a purpose. And the purpose of money is to give with one hand and take with the other and limit the amount in circulation so that useful work can get done in a fair exchange. A lot of what is measured as money is not directly held as cash - but given a value. This again is easily confused by the Left. Apple is worth a trillion dollars in value (2018), but if all of that is sold in one day, it would be worth a couple of billions in cash and not the 1 trillion in valuation. So taxing 'rich' companies based on their valuation to bring equality is not a workable idea either. Likewise if you are using the health service then you should pay something for it (Right) is not a good idea. See for example the utter failure of education fees. It is a complete rubbish idea burdening students with debt before they even get off to work. Like all essentials, health care is also an essential. When you get sick, it could cost $500,000 to fix you, or $50. There is no way someone can pay back $500,000 if they are just an ordinary person with normal wages. And denying someone health by $50 is not workable either because they are more than likely to go on with the injury and make it worse until it is a $500,000 issue (or they simply die from their injuries). Denying care when it is needed most, and/or in small amounts for seemingly insignificant benefit for society costs are immense amount to fix. So we should continue to increase automation and AI to bring best health and not charge for it which makes us all wealthy regardless of belonging in the Left camp or the Right camp. Likewise, taxing the rich is not a solution, instead spending high amounts on AI+Automation to dish out the benefits of what money may buy by cheapening production is the right way forward. If we could all eat a well prepared North Indian Biryani dish prepared by robots and handed out for free, then whether you are Left or Right, or rich or poor you will eat the same amount and be content in the same way. What we need to do is increase the numbers of robots and systems that perform desirable tasks until all our reasonable wants and desires are fulfilled every day by extending the Biryani robot example. Years ago, this scheme would be deemed charity, but with rapid on set of Technological Singularity, there is no charity to speak of because techies have made it all possible for absolute minimal cost through extending AI + Automation and cheapening everything in every direction. It is not charity, and it is extensible. So we should all have 3D printed houses each, we should have full free medical care, we should have good food, we should have a good amount of water, heating, light, clothing etc. So in about 15 years, the ideas of Left and Right of keeping scores and settling scores will fail and we will have a better world because of it. We are only limited by our imagination after 2035 as to which direction we want to go in. More than likely, all directions are possible by forming smaller and smaller self sufficient communities where wants and desired are serviced with different ideals. If you end up in a good community, you will go on to do great things. If you wash up in a bad community, your achievements won't record as being great on any scale as its leaders and oppressors keep you in check to serve them despite all the robot and automation abundance.
  • The precise mechanism of political failure is looking easy enough to predict. It seems there are two ways. As we approach Technological Singularity, local communities will simply become more autonomous and self sufficient through use of technology such as greatly evolved versions of blogs, wiki, real time transcription, real time voting, AI based smart city planning, Crowd Governance through Internet, etc. The ideas of central governments and over reaching political influence and unaccountable controls will break down with it. Central governments and their politicians clutching to power will have less power and influence over the autonomous communities and the power to dictate terms for everyone. Straightforward majority rule would be washed away by numerous parties aiming to take control and impose minority rule. The minority few that have set themselves up as central government of the day will simply not be able to absorb the great number of projects undertaken by each community and rule over them by handing down new rules (particularly funding rules). There is no point. They are likely doing well on their own! So if a local state decided to 100% fund a chip factory, it will happen with no way for central government to intervene. Central government will be in a state of uncertainty constantly trying to discover what is happening in their country because change is too much and too fast. Central governments could be got at by other central governments and its policies not beneficial in how it functions to locals. The purse strings would not be controlled centrally. So whatever those in power in central government say or do, everyone will choose to adopt or ignore central government dictates as they please, mixing in good ideas from local ideas. This will continue until such time as central government becomes just a token gesture.
  • The second way is for centralizing government to be replaced with separation of state from civic functions. Normally government of the day takes control of defense, social security, housing, etc. So one party takes control and may excel in some departments but fail in others. To avoid inflicting damage from bad governance, each department will have its own separate elections controlled by everyone using Internet to send feedback to their elected officials who will obey the wishes of the people otherwise risk being ousted in the next election. This is a form of crowd governance. Simple items such as department for railways, department for roads, department for planning applications are easy to separate out and let the people control their own fate. For more complex items like defense, all the different areas are merged into three or four core departments. The idea of separation of state from civic functions is to allow different optimal solutions control each department. So if the department of communications decided that it is time to roll out Internet of Fiber nationally, then it would not be impeded by politics of the state which may hold a different view such as confiscating the cash and spending it on health care. In this new world, the health care system would be able to authorized themselves extra funds by raising taxes if that is what the people wanted.
  • The way to keep democracy in check for 2035 from graft, corruption, lobbying and influence peddling is further the fusion of Internet and Block Chain with political systems. All debates should be transcribed in real time by AI + Automation into wiki so that the entire public is aware of what is said without delay. All spending will be tracked with Block Chain to instantly locate fraud and corruption. Block Chain would filter into every aspect of government including lobbying. The public will have equal access as do lobbyists to put in comments that the politicians and those who keeps checks on facts can monitor and respond in real time. It makes it harder and harder for anyone to bypass scrutiny and do back room deals that affect the outcome of a vote. And if someone is speaking, then any donations and influence that that person is representing should be visible in the wiki so that when decisions are taken, we know why the vote went the way it did and there will be a Block Chain to track it. A lot of it may be good, and equally a lot of funding of this type is badly intentioned. Needless to say, if someone is just taking money to steer decisions, then they are unlikely to be re-elected as no one will trust them. So it could be that political systems will run into shorter terms such as 30 days because everyone is aware of their representatives and are not hesitant to give that person another 30 days.
  • In this bright new world of UBI, money will be printed as usual but its value is backed up solidly with AI+Automation limits. More of it becomes available with more automation. Work will always exit. Everyone has money to purchase the products of automation even if they are not working. You can still work to get more pay, and become rich if you are in demand. This could be doing a concert by an artist or it could be programming for improved AI, robotics and automation. In the near future, no one is born and destined to live out their life in idleness while the rest of us do their work. The concept is meaningless as automation does that work and it is gifted to the world by geeks who make the world a better place through increasing automation and eliminate drudgery of every day work. There are machines that automatically plant and harvest food. There are automatic driverless lorries arriving. There are robot delivery buggies out in the streets delivering. Very soon, the whole process will be fully automated as geeks infuse AI with automation. Soon you can have a free cake and eat it and not be afraid someone is keeping a tally. The new world with automation and AI is there to make your life and everyone else's life frictionless, and switch over from an old world order based on keeping tallies and noting what is your fair share into a world order where a lot of things are largely free and more of it free as time goes by, all powered by AI + Automation.
  • What about other political projects like schools, hospitals, aged care, pensions, child care, welfare, roads? Technological Singularity will increase AI+automation to unlimited levels, particularly caring for elderly, building roads, hospitals and schools. Block chain will eliminate all fraud and need for fraud. Schooling will improve with AI. And UBI replaces all welfare. This includes childcare - UBI is for everyone including children (parents decide how its spent but cannot draw on it). Retired get it for their own care as pensions, as well as increased automation and AI+Automation diagnostic tools that bring benefits without overcharging for the service, to extend life as far technologically feasible freeing up more people to do their own work instead of being paid to care for someone 24/7. And there will be even more technologies that we can't imagine fully now such as conversational technologies that engage with minds no matter what age the person is to make life more meaningful and stop loneliness by connecting with others automatically to make friends and engage in social activity with real people of a like mind.
  • What about politicians who run UBI experiments? Definition of insanity: "Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results." - Einstein. If history repeats itself for politician, then we know from their previous experiments, it will usually start with shaky funding. The money is limited. The timescale is limited. Then the selection process is limiting to just a few people who are magically more eligible for this type of 'UBI' than others. And then great stories will be told in the press. And even greater objections will be raised. Until finally the money runs out. And the project is shut down. To the great relief of media and politicians. Politicians to media are not the best people to deliver UBI. Take a look at the graph above and see that it is the techies that deliver UBI. That is why the politician will NEVER EVER NEVER NEVER deliver UBI. The humble techie will increase automation to such an extent that companies will find it best to pay the UBI from sale tax so that people may consume the products of automation. Make sure you know who your heroes are before entering debate.
  • Only a greedy person connects UBI to government benefits system. 😀
  • Don't go into that trap in any debate. UBI is AI + Automation dividend for EVERYONE to receive on top of existing benefits. No one should connect government benefits with UBI. If anything, the best way is to give out UBI first, then measure the world as it is, and adapt the benefits system without mentioning UBI. Mention people, debate their state, but never drag UBI into it. If your mouth starts to articulate UBI and drag UBI into the discussion of government benefits, you must be greedy and counting money instead of seeing the world and its people for what it is.
  • As well as politicians, from bankers to economists, there is not a single ounce of talent out there to deliver UBI. It will be techies that deliver UBI. While it is coming through, we can imagine bankers to economists becoming slow to react, and/or react in an adverse way. For example, negative interest rates to stimulate inflation is implemented without understanding what is actually happening. Automation is making everything cheaper, reducing inflation and fueling the need for UBI. But introducing negative interest rate to combat reducing inflation is a way of throwing away money and effectively the resources behind that money that could have been given out as UBI!! This won't be the first or last example, but they can be collated, and collectively described as policies and politics rolled out to combat the roll out of UBI. The policies and politics will increase in severity wasting huge amounts of resources until something has to give and UBI is finally rolled out as the correct solution.
  • UBI will free women to be equal as men from day 1 and do more interesting things for themselves and family. It should close the gender gap considerably. But there will be no end of excuses forcing women to hand over their UBI to men, or their children's UBI to parents. To that end, strict laws need to ensure UBI is spent at one's own will and that the cash belongs to the state and that it cannot be commandeered by anyone under the cover of parenthood or marriage. Children's UBI is spent on their behalf and cannot be drawn on by parents. Likewise, a woman can spend her UBI as she wishes and cannot be drawn on by their men. It needs to be the strict law preached by the state and all religions must conform and preach the same message or be prosecuted and face bans. There will be an endless stream of innovation to grab women's UBI. The law needs to be endless in checking and ensuring that UBI is not being stolen from one person to the benefit of another. To make sure it does the work, if the state machinery didn't check UBI was reaching the person, then it is obliged to refund the missing amount. This is to ensure that the state machinery works with incentive to correct abuses. Those who steal the UBI would face criminal charges and confiscation of any of their built up wealth and assets. The criminal record would mark them for decades as UBI thieves so that others may act appropriately around them. A public web site hosting all the latest means of stealing UBI should be kept along with names of organizations and individuals promoting the theft. This is to name and shame and for civic authorities to respond sooner than later with best practice.
  • What about those needing welfare when UBI is signed away to pay debts and other commitments legally? The answer is that for UBI to be meaningful, it is fully ring fenced and no exceptions. A person should be able to go to his or her account and draw on the UBI without an industry growing up around it claiming that that cash is theirs. If a person is physically unable to draw on it, say they are in a coma, then the money will just sit in the account and the state will take it back and give it to others if it is never drawn. The moment a legal exception is made such as handing over control of UBI of a mentally ill criminal serving time to another person, there will be an industry growing around it. If a person who receives UBI is unable to draw on it, then the state will simply keep allocating the funds until a day arrives when the person needs to draw on it or if they perished, then it is taken and given to everyone else. Someone who is say too old and of not sound mind, will simply be looked after by the state in all other ways that the state allocated resources permits and which is paid for by tax payers. The costs cannot be mitigated by taking it from UBI - otherwise another industry will grown around it taking money from pensioners who are not of sound mind. There will always be screaming institutes to public opinion surveys that claim support for un-ring fencing UBI. No matter what legal challenges are made, no exceptions are allowed to prevent further challenges and the wholesale arrival of industries designed to take UBI before it reaches the person it is intended for to recreate the poverty and mess of keeping people off the consumer society. UBI is there to allow everyone to consume the products of automation and if a person is physically disconnected from their UBI by any form of false imprisonment, coercion to buy drugs and alcohol etc for someone else, or encumbrances both legal or illegal, then that person's UBI is effectively stolen and being used by someone else for their own personal selfish gratification. There should be education in place to make sure everyone knows that it is wrong to even mention another person's UBI in lieu of any debts or services. That no one may legally promise to dispense their UBI under duress or any other condition to another person or entity. The UBI belongs to the State and it is the rule of the State that UBI is a personal cash for consumption and it cannot be used for any other purpose by any other structures put around it no matter how clever the arguments are for intercepting that UBI cash before it reaches the recipient or shortly after it through coercion and encumbrances.
  • Prisoners will get also it. They use it to manage what foods they buy, clothes, books etc (sold to them at the same price as everywhere else and not at illegal inflated prices) and not be dependent on the state for everything. And if they manage to save, they can start a better life when they exit instead of hitting the streets empty on day 1 of release. If they can't get it, then UBI gives in to weak governance and a whole new pile of bureaucracy needs to be added on top to bean count everything. It cannot then be called UBI either - it becomes just another government benefit with terms and conditions attached.
  • Weak governance will always find a way to intercept UBI, dilute its value and reduce the numbers eligible pointing in numerous directions with just cases and examples of why UBI should not be dispensed to someone equally as well as another person. To make governance is strong, every political party should reserve the right to ditch any scheme that intercepts UBI payments that seek to dilute its value and reduce the numbers eligible the moment they return to power. This is to make sure that whatever weak governance brings in with changes to UBI, they can look forward to having weak governance dismantled as soon as their term in office is over.
  • As UBI payouts grows, it gets rid of unemployment, pensions, childcare, and many other labels and makes all citizens equal without labels. But as always some are willing to prove they are more equal than others and find value in labeling others. So UBI regulations always need to watch out how people are being undermined and the language of weak governance and forced introduction of bean counting trying to bypass equality to create new systems of inequality. The usual practice is to push some ruling through weak governance in some remote legislature and use the precedent set there in some tiny village town to force it on rest of the population. Another way to remove the effectiveness of UBI is to remove childcare for example from the budget because UBI will take its place. The answer is no again. UBI comes on top of any benefit and UBI cannot be used to bargain away other benefits. UBI should never be raised in any benefits calculations and political calculations because it then offsets the value of the benefit and uses UBI to subsidize other benefits reducing the overall benefit of UBI to a person. To reduce impact of mistake like this, laws need be passed to compensate with interest anyone that has lost value of their UBI. Paying interest is to let anyone gaming the system for political purposes know that no one will ever loose out on their UBI even if temporarily they are down.
  • UBI can be issued monthly, weekly or daily. It is not beyond the wit of man to issue it daily as it will all be driven by computers at lowest cost of provisioning. There are good reasons for doing it monthly allowing everyone to control their urges and plan their next action. But likely this would be seen as a pot of cash by others trying to latch on to as something coming down the line and chase down, putting individuals as risk. More than likely daily UBI is best so that no one may try to pile up cash that others will want to sweep up.

UBI Production

  • Not all items related to UBI need to be centred around money.
  • It is practical for example to mine minerals and extract 10% more.
  • This 10% is not sold but given away in markets.
  • The government pays all expenses from its UBI funds.
  • Oher industries participate donating 10% of production goods or 10% of manufactured goods
  • These are donated to markets and given away.
  • The idea is that public go to these government run markets and pick up for free manufactured goods and raw materials.
  • Where the government notices sustained increased consumption, it can offer to pay the respective company funds to produce more.
  • Consumables would also be there whether its bedsheets or luxury perfumes.
  • It gives everyone else a chance to pick up valuable items and used it in ways that anyone else may use or find new uses for.
  • There won't be administration or conditions attached to sale in a well run market and well behaved market.
  • Every day the market stalls are rearranged in location to give everyone a chance to wander the market and find new goods.

UBI and the need for cheaper larger housing, offices, garages, rental fees, legal fees etc

  • As UBI takes hold, more people will buy products of AI + Automation and need more space to store it and use all of it.
  • This means houses need to be built larger, rental accommodation cheaper, offices cheaper, garages cheaper, the fees to own property and fees to get property need to all head to new lows in order that more people may participate.
  • All of this ownership will also come with need to store products collected over life time in permanent safety. This means that it would be the right of every citizen to be automatically be given lets say 25 square meters of space by lets say 3 meters tall of storage area for all their possessions.
  • In the future, if you invest in machines, then that too should automatically come with rights to store it without charges so that you may use it to create new products. And this space may be lets say 100 square meters.
  • These kinds of numbers sound very large, but such workshops and storage spaces are easily stacked vertically above and below ground. The cost of building such workshops and storage are trivial compared to the costs of lost investment and lost opportunities because no one is able to invest in new machines or products of automation because they cannot store it anywhere.
  • Insecurity of tenure would mean people will just spend their money on holidays and services that have no storage requirements leaving the entire economy impoverished in little to no time.
  • What we want is government provided storage space despite insecurity of tenure at specific sites such as a business or home.
  • While people may lose their businesses, property etc over bad decisions or bad luck, all should be confident that their most valuable possessions have a permanent place to be stored so that they can build their lives around high risk that doesn't subtract from their possessions, achievements or ability to turn it all around with hard work and the things they own.
  • Such possessions when obtained legally should not become the subject of confiscation by crafting limited liability laws to protect people and their possessions.
  • As we move into age of AI and Automation, life moves faster and risks are greater but that is not anyone's fault, and it should not reflect poorly on those who move slower, or need greater time to get things done.
  • Landlords are a powerful force in any society, and to go against them with these ideas may not work out for regular politician. The future is Crowd Governance through Internet. Where it has been tried, it is quicker and produce better decisions at lower cost with high engagement. With more Crowd Governance through Internet, it will be possible to put aside the risks of powerful landlords and manage insecurity of tenure with permanent government allocated work shop spaces and storage spaces for everyone.


AI & Automation with sales tax based Universal Basic Income | page 2 |
A civic UBI simulation game for public service enthusiasts -

  • We take a deep interest in AI + Automation and UBI because we hope to be delivering 3D wired Hypercube Data Centers for AI machines powerful enough to store human mind and simulate entire brain. This all down to rapidly approaching Technological Singularity, and with it UBI to bring forward all the benefits of automation which is cheaper goods and customers with money in the form of UBI able to purchase the products of automation.
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