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Hypercube Yottabyte Data Centre

  • We want to show how we can go from this humble beginning to brain upload :)
  • Hypercube are on their way. Imagine a room filled with 3D wired Hypercubes like these:
  • The above Hypercube is 44 core supercomputer array with SSDs running Linux with Apache web hosting and ftp upload for IoT cameras. Densely stacked 3D arrays of these Hypercubes is what makes a Hypercube Data Center (TM). The key difference between computers arranged in old fashioned flat data center approaches and Hypercube approach is that all the PCs in a Hypercube are wired in 3D allowing compact data centers to be built.
  • Typically they are stacked into a 3D array around scaffolding, then the scaffolding is removed leaving behind a 3D packed Hypercube Data Center.
  • Hypercube Geometry page explains how the wiring is possible by partition 3D space into hardware spaced and non-intersecting conduit spaces.
  • Hypercube locks show how quick release clips help assemble giant structures in minutes.
  • The Technological Singularity is coming. On its way, there may be some brutal truths that will become obvious such as WWI and WWII did not affect it, and that the heroes of this world have always been techies. Their progress is on a technological exponential curve and we are all going with them into a new world.
  • Ray Kurzweil is an incredible genius who noted that human technology is evolving at an exponential path - most notably information technology. If this pace were to continue then by around 2035 technological evolution would become exponential and vertical. But there is currently a problem with the predictions. We are supposed to be in the era of 3D computer chips today as Moore's Law is tailing off and unable to keep up with demand.
  • Incredibly Hypercubes are positioned just at this precise moment in time to address the need for 3D wired computers. A 3D wired Hypercube Data Center can get over the main technical limitations of Moore's Law tailoring off by building 3D wired computers. We calculate with today's technology the size of 3km x 3km x 300m volume can contain enough data storage and processing power to simulate a brain in every detail with data gathered from electron micro-graphs with very thin nanometer slices of the brain to reveal every neuron and every neuron interconnection modeled all modeled with 1 yottabyte of storage. And then we can power them all up and let them do their functions in a simulation. What is incredible is that we suddenly and rapidly arrived at this point where Hypercubes have advanced technology so much that we are able to talk about it, and come away with ideas of implementing all of this technology with a methodical plan. And the price of this Hypercube technology will halve every year until someone takes the plunge and builds the first machine.
  • Right now the price is 500 billion dollars. By human endeavor standards, it is not a lot as there are plenty of businesses with valuations greater than 500 billion. This cost halves every year until 20 years from now it is about half a million dollars. Would you pay to be reborn digitally in under 20 years? There are always some that hope it can be done. They already preserve themselves cryogenically. These people can be re-born in 20 years or so digitally. The biological degradation effects of cryogenic freezing can be undone with enough computing power. So may be when you are digitally reborn, you have the same memories.
  • Will that machine think like a human?
  • No one can tell today.
  • It is just a reconstruction of physical evidence of neurons that made the person.
  • If every neuron and its interconnection has been modeled (the data having been first extracted through slicing a brain a few nanometers deep and imaging all the detail), this brain will wake up with all its memory in tact and electrical activity in the simulated neurons flowing in the same way as the real brain. We will simulate the eye and auditory senses, and a way to control output voice synthesizer, and thus this brain will have the same input as real eyes and ears and be able to talk back. If it is living, it will respond back with the same thoughts as the original person.
  • If the person was a science graduate, we could ask them to solve complex problems and speed up the electrical activity such that this brain is operating 10 to 100, may be thousands to millions of times faster than a human brain, and we get answers out quicker.
  • Amazingly, if the original person was a computer science graduate, he or she would be able to write fully functional computer programs according to our specifications and possibly finish in seconds. This result claims that neural nets have the power to write computer program from specifications.
  • This is a very big revelation to take away. Neural nets can write software from specifications!! The future of AI will be powered by AI !!!!
  • We could replicate the machines and ask it to make any kind of software imaginable, and it will be written out in seconds. Armies of true blue blooded software programmers would not be needed to create our future.
  • The Technological Singularity Curve tells us that the price of 1 yottabyte storage built with Hypercubes will halve every year and its size and power consumption will also halve. Who ever invests and makes the first yottabyte Hypercube Data Center could own the world. Parallel developments usually happens for this kind of technology, so more than likely this kind of super power will be shared.
  • The price today we would charge is around half trillion dollars for this device. That is not a lot of money considering there are a couple of companies today that have bigger valuations than half trillion dollars. The size and price of the device will continue to tumble until in 20 years or so, the device will be selling for half a million dollars. That timescale coincides with the arrival of the Technological Singularity. It is probably not a coincidence that the dates match.
  • Any funds spent on a project of this scale is not a waste - it creates opportunities in the supply market and more technology with a purpose, and the cash circulates around the economy to create jobs. So this kind of expenditure can be viewed as being spent building Pyramids of our time creating jobs and demand for new technology such as denser and faster memories and lower power consumption. Any such advances advances the whole of humanity and not just the yottabyte server project.
  • So may be when the Technological Singularity arrives, we let people live out their biological lives, and then get their brains cryogenically frozen for digitization so that they may live on as a personality at the Technological Singularity guiding their businesses to being there for their family. All those who were previously cryogenically frozen from a long time back could be revived in a digital format. So the Technological Singularity would usher in an era of Transcendence for the mind where we can live on for as long as there is power to run the machines. We could even connect with machines and operate them in the same way as we used to do. And we could go into space where this kind of work would be most useful. The world of Transcendence was unimaginable a few years go, but now total reality within a human lifetime.
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